Pokémon Go Spurs The Entrepreneurial Spirit Can You Cash In?

Nintendo’s market value added 7.5 billion in two days after this game launched. That’s a lot of money for a mobile scavenger hunt. Can you make some money?

Here’s How It Works

A player’s phone will vibrate when it comes close to these little creatures. To capture them, a player throws a virtual ball. The goal is to catch all 150. But, a user can also “lure” Pokémons to PokéStops, allowing the creature to be available to all players in the area for 30 minutes. There are even “gyms” where players can take their Pokémon to battle.

Can You Cash In?

Business owners quickly took note. Here is how they did it. Can you? One way is to welcome players.If you work in  retail and find that your business is a PokéStop, post a sign. One clothing store wrote “Gotta catch ’em all, in style” on a simple whiteboard. The sign was featured on both Money and Forbes.

Give Players Some Help

One cafe noted it was conveniently placed between 2 Pokémon stops. As the game drains mobile batteries, the cafe “lured” players as they provided 25 phone chargers.

Join The Game

A tour company in Tennessee created an exclusive tour for players. It booked seven tours in 24 hours. Each person was charged $45.

Cast Your Lure

A New York pizza bar spent $10 on lure modules. The next weekend their sales soared 75%.

Want to lure some Pokémon players?

Download the app to determine the nearest PokéStops to your business. Then “lure” players to the location by using a lure module. This makes Pokémons abundant in your area for about 30 minutes. Each one costs only $1. If this still sounds too complicated, ask your kids. We’re sure they can help you.

Remember: A real entrepreneur keeps up and takes advantage of what is trendy.

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