Here Is The Single Most Most Valuable Psychological Tool For Your Business

How many times have you told a kid not to touch a cake, the wet wall, or the top of a tent when it’s raining outside? Ever notice their first reaction? That’s right. It’s to touch the object.

If You Think About It, That’s Your First Reaction Too

You just have better self-control, hopefully. Let’s test you. Don’t think of a rabbit. We bet you did! Not to worry. Your reaction is the result of deep subconscious psychological forces that influence our everyday behavior and relationships.

How Does This Affect You And Your Business?

How many times have you told yourself, “Don’t screw up?” Scientists think that because your brain can’t comprehend all the ways to avoid messing up, it focuses on the one thing you told it: screwing up. So you do.

Unfortunately, the opposite does not work either.

You undermine your intentions, and the brain can’t process that either. The best entrepreneurs know not to focus on all the things they don’t want. Rather, they concentrate on what they want to accomplish. But, you can ignore this advice.

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