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Chances are, you are already have a LinkedIn profile. But, many people stop after just setting it up. If you want to be really noticed, you’ll have to put in some extra effort to make sure your profile stands out.

Here’s 17 ways to help you stand out among the crowd:

#17-Search Results

  • Ensure your profile appears in the search results section by crafting your profile using keywords. Research the frequency and location of keywords in current top results and then tweak your profile.

#16-No Nicknames:

  • LinkedIn is for professionals. So, stick to only professional names.

#15-Add A Photo

  • Statistics show that profiles that include photos are viewed 7 times more often than those that do not include one.  This is a visual representation of you so professional headshots are key to capture your best image.

#14-Location, Location, Location:

  • Recruiters look for potential employees for specific locations so don’t skip this step. It also helps LinkedIn find contacts for you.  

#13-Brand Yourself From The Onset:

  • You’ve got 110 characters to let others know more about you. Think about what you’ll write. Make every word count.

#12-Personalize Your URL:

  •  Design your URL to be specific to you. For example: linkedin.com/in/johnsmith versus linkedin.com/pub/john-smith/4a/z89/145/.

#11-Note Your Industry:

  • When creating your profile, make sure you are specific about your industry so the right people can find you.

#10-Stay Active:

  • It’s not enough to just create a profile. You should update it regularly with recommendations, awards or just a personal insight relative to your industry.

#9-Don’t Forget Your Professional Summary:

  •  Use this opportunity to further make you stand out among the others.

#8-Don’t Be Shy:

  • Include work samples (ie: videos, slides presentations, documents).

#7-Up Your Connections:

  • This is vital to be found within LinkedIn searches.

#6-Be Well-rounded:

  • 42% of those responsible for hiring stated that they view volunteer experience equal to formal work experience. Regarding your professional life, include certifications, projects and test scores.

#5-Pay Attention To Endorsements:

  •  Statistics show endorsements should never be ignored. More than 10 million endorsements are given out daily. The average number of endorsements for LinkedIn participants is 5. Remember, endorsements can affect how you appear in LinkedIn research.

#4-Check The Accuracy Of Your Contact Information:

  • After all of this work, you want to make potential employers can contact you. Check and recheck all your email addresses and/or links.

#3-Don’t Forget Any Recommendations:

  • Recommendations build credibility. It’s that simple.

#2-Connect The Dots:

  •  By noting a timeline of your past, you’ll encourage both past and present contacts to find you. An added bonus: you can find them.

#1-Join Up:

  • There are over 200 conversations within LinkedIn Groups going on each minute. It’s a great avenue for encouraging contacts via LinkedIn’s messaging feature. Over 81% of users belong to at least one group.

In Summary

Feeling overwhelmed? Show potential employers you’re willing to work at your career. Studies show that 50.5% of user profiles are complete. 42% update their information regularly. If you are not among this group, it’s time you made the effort. Let LinkedIn do their best for you.

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