Austin photography

Step into a realm of creativity and professionalism. Our Austin photo studio is a haven for crafting headshots that capture your essence. Guided by our skilled photographers, you’ll radiate confidence in every frame. Our versatile studio setups accommodate various styles, ensuring your individuality shines through.

Explore our headshot photo studio fees on our page here. We believe in transparency and offer tailored packages to suit your needs. Whether you’re a corporate team, artist, or entrepreneur, Korey Howell Photography is your gateway to visual excellence.


We take an “unlimited” number of shots to get you what you need. We step through about 10-12 shots before we review them with you in order to make changes if needed. Some photographers “spray and pray” which means they shoot a bunch of images hoping one comes out. We are more precise. We know what to look for as far as angles go and we coach you to get the best expressions.

The short answer is yes. We do just enough Photoshop editing to make you look your best, but we suggest you don’t go overboard and try to be something you are not. Your photographer is also your retoucher and you will sit together to determine the appropriate amount of “magic.”

When we hear this question, we know that just means you are nervous, a little camera-shy, need a little time to warm up, need a little coaching plus our professional skills to assess your best angles and lighting. We believe it is a self-fulfilling prophecy that you should let go of and trust that you just haven’t felt photogenic…yet!

If you don’t like what you see at the preview station, we will reshoot, retouch, or refund before you leave the studio. Please understand once the images have been emailed we consider your sale final. Opinions of others or second thoughts will not be honored under the satisfaction guaranteed policy.