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Magazine-QUality Images for Movers and Shakers. Half-Day PHotoshoot at the Location of your choice Including Branding Consult, MakeUP, and Styling Session Starting at $3690.

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How is Branding Different from a Traditional Headshot?

Your professional headshot is just the headline. Branding photography tells the rest of the story. Showcase the real, relatable you in a series of action shots designed to express your personality to its fullest.

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Personal Branding photography tells your whole story. It shows the real you and invites your clients to engage with you on a personal level. It also empowers you to build confidence, grow as an entrepreneur, and stand out as an established brand even in the increasingly competitive market.

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Take Ilene. She’s an introverted graphic designer, and her comic strip blog has been making me laugh for years. Now, she’s writing a companion book and has had her first public reading with fans. With these photos, we were able to show fans the three dimensional Ilene and not just her comic strip version. With the right branding portraits, it’s easy to see. (P.S. Ilene is way cooler than she thinks she is.)

Message from Korey:

Does this all sound overwhelming? Would you rather have a root canal than get your photo taken? I get it. And I’ve got this. Exhale. Before your shoot, we’ll work together on your personal branding strategy including locations, a shot list, props and wardrobe. I’ll be your creative director and my A-team will make you look amazing.