When a headshot isn’t enough, create visual content to tell the rest of your story and stay connected with clients for months from one photo shoot.

How is branding different from a traditional headshot?

You absolutely need a professional headshot, but that’s just the headline. Branding photography shows the real and relatable person behind your brand by putting you in action in environments that express who you are. A headshot is just one of your many expressions of yourself. Brand photography tells the rest of the story.

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Why do I need branding photographs?

Take Ilene. She’s an introverted graphic designer with a great career and shares her life with her husband as a comic strip blog that has been making me laugh for years. Now she’s writing a companion book and has had her first public reading with fans. These photos show many facets of Ilene, more than a static headshot — or cartoon. (Fun fact: Ilene is way cooler than she thinks she is.)

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How will I use the images from my session?

Today people “meet” one another online. If you’re growing your business, starting a new adventure, or simply need people to know “you,” you’ll use these images on your website, social posts (fewer selfies, more “action” shots), contributed content, calls to action, promotional materials, your blog – and more. Stop relying on one headshot from ten years ago, or that photo from your friend’s wedding… in the ‘90s.

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Message from Korey:

Does this all sound overwhelming? Would you rather have a root canal than get your photo taken?

I get it. And I’ve got this. Exhale. Before your shoot, we’ll work together on your personal branding strategy including locations, a shot list, props and wardrobe. I’ll be your creative director and my A-team will make you look amazing.

Korey has a gift of seeing people at their best and making the process so easy. We just played around at my home and surrounding neighborhood environment. She makes it so easy to feel vibrant, beautiful and alive!! 

Patti DeNucci

Speaker, Author, The Intentional Networker

Now that I am opening my own salon, I can no longer hide behind someone else’s brand. Not only did Korey get me in front of the camera, but I am also in front of my own business with images to promote myself.

Lyndsey Kincer

Hair and Makeup Artist, Duality Salon

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