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The consulting firm, Capgemini, has published the industries they think will produce the most millionaires in the coming decade. They asked experts which sectors would create the most millionaires from now until 2025.  Only net-worth was considered, and the value of primary residences was excluded.

16. Food Services And Accommodation: 4%

Not many experts have put their faith in these industries. Yet, McDonald’s has managed to double its share price in the last six years.

15. Utilities: 6.6%

Power companies have suffered of late. It could be because of the effort people have been putting in the renewable energy field.

14. Natural Resources: 13.5%

The oil and gas industries have taken a beating. It looks like it will be awhile before they make a comeback.

13. Transportation: 13.9%

For this discussion, transportation is concerned with the movement of goods. Currently, they are benefiting from low oil prices, but no one knows how long that will last.

12. Retail and Wholesale Trade: 14%

This is a tough sector because it’s entirely dependent on consumer spending and confidence.

11. Entertainment and Recreation: 15.2%

Piracy is a constant problem for this sector.

10. Renewable Energy: 17%

Humans are slow to catch on, but people slowly realize that fossil fuels will need a replacement.

9. Aerospace and Air Transportation: 18%

Entry barriers are high, but making airplanes and flying people around is still a big business.

8. Agriculture and Mining: 18.9%

Experts are looking at strengthening economies in Asia and Africa as supplying much of this demand.

7. Education: 19.8%

If you’ve looked at university tuition and fees recently, you’ll understand why the education sector is poised to make money.

6. Communications: 20.2%

Experts anticipate this industry will continue to make people wealthy. What can be said? We love to talk.

5. Real Estate and Construction: 20.2%

As long as people keep populating, there will always be a need for construction and real estate.

4. Manufacturing: 22.3%

Humans will always need things.

3. Healthcare: 30.1%

As long as people get sick, the pharmaceutical industry will make money.

2. Tech: 30.9%

Analysts looked at more than Facebook and Google, but financial technology and “disruptive” tech, such as Airbnb and Uber.

1. Financial Services: 35.7%

If you’re willing to work hard, experts believe banking is the best sector to go into.

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