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No matter what type of business you run: big or small, virtual or housed within concrete walls, YOU are the FACE of your brand.
That’s why you have to approach headshots in a professional way. (That means cell phone photos just won’t cut it.)
Getting headshots involves a process. Don’t neglect any of these steps:

#3 -Enlist A Support Team

A stylist can help you decide your most flattering look and help plan the photo shoot. They’ll also look at your own wardrobe to get a sense of who you are to borrow designer clothes and/or jewelry to complete your look.

#2- Make It Easy On Yourself

Do a complete photo shoot. Headshots, full body even family shots. You never know when interviewers will want a variety of photos. These photos can also become a part of your presence on social media.

#1-Perfecting Your Headshots

Here’s some hints:

  •       Hire a makeup artist and professional photographer.
  •       Use a professional stylist to help you pick out your wardrobe and accessories.
  •       Choose 2 looks: avoid black or white.
  •       Budget at least $500-$1,000 on what you’ll need
  •       Make sure you get .jeg and high resolution .tiff files. This way you can use them both in print and online.

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In Summary

Getting professional headshots done are a must in our ever-increasing visual world. Spending a bit more to get full body shots can be most productive in the long run. The variety can give your viewers a familiarity that words can’t express. Don’t be cheap. Budget accordingly. YOU are the FACE of your brand.

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