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12 Pieces of Life Advice Young Professional Women Need to Know

12 Pieces of Life Advice Young Professional Women Need to Know

A letter to the young and budding woman professional or entrepreneur, 

This is your “mature” and wiser-self speaking. I know you consider yourself sufficiently educated and energetic to take on whatever the world hurls at you, but you have a long way to go before you learn what I know. Here are 12 tips to save you from the missteps and misadventures you may come across during your early years. Here are 12 pieces of life advice young professional women should know early in their career and life. 

1. Start young and save early

Retirement comes sooner than you think (and so you’ll wish). Years and decades pass quickly, and what happens if you decide to trade in the work week early for a life of leisure, or part-time work, or days spent volunteering? Stash cash now, avoid digging money pits like bar crawls, expensive cars and a new smartphone every year.

2. Never depend on a man for love or money

Take care of yourself, and forget the classic Prince Charming galloping in on the white horse. Chances are the “prince” is a financial pauper with student loan debt, a beater car and a better habit of spending rather than saving. When you have your own money, you pick the man because you love him, not because you need his bank account. 

3. Mentoring is an equal opportunity effort

 Seek advice from men and women you like, trust and admire. Take them out for lunch or coffee and ask a lot of questions about their business success and failures because you want to learn from them, not steal ideas to make your own. And return the favor: mentor newcomers in your business.

4. Find work you love

You’d do it for free: You may get lucky and find that perfect job and stay with it for life. Be willing to do something else if you don’t, and work at what you love as a side hustle. That part-time position could be full-time someday.

5. Connect with people

On a personal and business level: Networking is work, and it pays off. The friends and associates you establish now are often helpful in later life as well.

6. Make time to travel

Whether it’s cross-country or foreign travel, plan and save for trips to anywhere else. Eat differently, discover hidden destinations and come home with a different outlook.

7. Give of yourself to others who have less

Volunteering for charity builds confidence and self-esteem, offers a sense of your place in a bigger world and provides the opportunity to build new skills and expand your contacts. 

8. Dreaming, thinking and planning is part of living

Before you can take the big step, whether it’s buying a house, starting your own business or having a child, you have to plan for these major life changes. Don’t let circumstances just happen to you and then blame outside forces or people for the results. Move life forward on your own terms.

9. When you face rejection, just know it’s going to be okay

You might get fired or lose something important. It’s not OK to accept that negative result as the end of the journey. See roadblocks as a challenge to move in another direction. Or just leap over them and keep going as if nothing happened.

10. Keep that resume honest and updated

Never lie on a resume; it represents your personal history. And keep it up-to-date, because even the best jobs go away very suddenly.

11. I would present my best self to the world

To go along with the standout resume and cover letter, a professional headshot from Korey Howell adds another level of polish to your performance history.

12. Mostly, live life without fear

Live without fear of impact from the things that happen around you and around the world.

By following these crucial pieces of life advice, young professional women can navigate the early years of their professional and personal lives while also developing their careers. Starting off on the right foot is important, which is why you should make a great first impression before you even meet potential employers and other professionals. The key to a great first impression? A great professional headshot. At Korey Howell Photography, we aim to help you look your best while making picture day the BEST day of your week. Contact our studio or book online with us today to schedule your headshot session!


6 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Photoshoot

6 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Photoshoot

For professionals in every stage of their career, headshots are completely necessary to market yourself in a way that people will remember. As long as you get them right, they can help to enhance your brand and your career in the long-run. 

But, if you’re not careful professional photos can bring out the worst in you. Take that literally: the camera will accentuate flaws you didn’t even think possible. While this is obviously stress-inducing, there’s no cause for panic just yet. Instead, we recommend you try to avoid the following six things. They are, quite distinctly, some pretty risky things that you should never do before your photoshoot.

1) Try out a new hairstyle

You’ve always wanted to try a new hair color. So why not finally take that step before you get your headshots taken? 

Do. Not. Do. It. 

The answer is almost too obvious. What if you don’t like it? Suddenly, those new pink highlights stick with you everywhere you try to present yourself. And by the way, the same is true for a new hairstyle. When it comes to your photoshoot, stick with a color and style that you know works well for you.

2) Experiment with new skin products

You want to look your best, so you try out new skin care products to make your face glow even more than it already does. Or perhaps you’ve heard about this new makeup brand for a while, and consider your photo shoot the perfect opportunity to try it.

Resist the temptation. If you try out any type of new skin product, you have no idea how your skin will react. What if it breaks out and you come to your appointment with a rash? Even redness can be difficult to deal with for professional photographers.

3) Spend too much time in the sun

Tanning is great, whether you have a chance to do it naturally or in a tanning studio. For professional photos, though, it might not look as good as you envision. Headshots tend to accentuate and emphasize tans, making them look more unnatural than they do in person.

Unless your tan is part of your year-round look, try to stay away from it for your photoshoot. Instead, go with your natural skin color to make sure that your headshots don’t just look good, but also authentic to how you want to present yourself.

4) Eat food or a meal that’s sure to make a mess

It almost seems too obvious, but it’s still worth mentioning: stay away from eating anything messy before your photoshoot. A seemingly simple and tasty pasta will leave an oil stain on your collar or shirt and is definitely not something you want to be associated with your professional image for the foreseeable future.

Everyone has to eat. But what you can do is control exactly what you eat to stay away from the potential of stains. That means avoiding sauces and oily foods in particular.

5) Stay up all night 

You don’t hear enough about just how important beauty rest is before your photoshoot or professional headshot session. Without it, you don’t just get those rings under your eyes, but your entire skin also looks less healthy. It’s a surefire way to make your photos look less flawless than you would like them to be.

Fortunately, there’s an easy remedy: make sure you get your rest. Postpone that crucial project or night out with your friends until the next evening. The more well-rested you are, the better your photos will look.

6) Get worked up about your photoshoot

Finally, try to avoid stress if at all possible. You might not know it, but stress can actually dry out your skin, and enhance even small wrinkles on your face. In other words, it can be the largest contributor to a photoshoot gone wrong because you’ll carry the stress on you when your photo is being taken. The best thing to do is avoid stress or getting worked up before your photoshoot. 

Of course, even mentioning all of the above possibilities may have given your blood pressure a little rise. But here’s the good news: all of the above are bad, but none are fatal mistakes. Our photographers can still work with you to make your headshots look professional, beautiful, and flawless – no matter what new tricks you try to master right before your photoshoot!

All you need to do, then, is find that magical photographer. So what if we told you it could be us? We’d love to work with you on making sure that by the time the camera clicks, you’re prepared and ready to take the best possible photos! Contact us at Korey Howell Photography to schedule your appointment today!

Why Include a Corporate Headshot on Your Business Card?

Why Include a Corporate Headshot on Your Business Card?

Your Face and Your Business Card

Realtors are likely the first category of professionals that come to mind when we think of those who commonly include corporate headshots on their business cards. However, people from all industries can reap the rewards of adding a professional photograph on their business card.

How often do you find yourself attending a networking event, only to sift through tons of business cards afterward, struggling to recall everyone you met? In an endless stack of cards, those with a professional corporate headshot stand out from the rest by immediately jogging the memory.  People are more likely to remember someone when they can put a face with a name.

“You go to a convention, and you come home with 55 cards in your pocket,” Don Crowther, an online marketing consultant in Racine, Wisconsin, tells Forbes. “If only one or two cards have photos, you’ll remember those people.”

This method is recommended for small business owners and entrepreneurs who are trying to build name and brand recognition.  There’s nothing more valuable than connections, connections, connections.

Upon receiving someone else’s business card, “Cohen recommends immediately connecting with the person through LinkedIn. Of course, at that point you’ll see one another’s pictures, a virtual way of putting into practice Don Crowther’s No. 1 piece of advice, that you share your photograph.”

A single, engaging corporate headshot on your business card, LinkedIn profile and professional website will make an impression that’s memorable, and demonstrates cohesion across all of your digital platforms.

Contact Korey Howell Photography at 512-331-7744 to book a corporate headshot, and opt for a mobile photography session today. Serving the Greater Austin Area, Korey Howell and her staff make it easy to put your best foot forward with a stellar photo for your future business endeavors.

Take Control of Your Digital Presence With Professional Business Portraits


Consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips these days. Potential clients and employers rely heavily on your digital identity to make decisions . What is your online presence saying about you? Are people confusing someone else for you online? Take your online reputation into your own hands rather than leaving it up to chance. Here’s some tips on how:


A good place it start is by doing a vanity search of your name/business and see what comes up. Determine whether the first search results are representative of you and your brand. Do other people show up before you? Would it be easy to get you confused with someone else? Perhaps you need to distinguish yourself from others with the same name.  An easy way to do this is with a quality profile picture, putting your face to your name. Your profile picture is often times the first impression potential clients get of you, so you want make sure it is the right impression.  Professional business portraits will make you look polished and reputable in addition to establishing your identity.


Make sure people are seeing the correct profiles by putting a link to your online profiles directly in your resume or website. Put links to your social media profiles to your other profiles, interlinking them. Creating a cohesive brand across media platforms is invaluable. This is one of the reasons why our photoshoots sessions yield multiple poses and angles. You will have a variety of headshot photos to use across various platforms while still maintaining a tidy and unified look. People are less likely to confuse you for someone else when you have established your brand.


Keep profiles updated with relevant information, this will add to your credibility and reputation. Don’t neglect your digital footprint. It is important to refresh your look periodically. Keep profile pictures current. In some cases, you may even want to beef up your online presence. Sign up for services and platforms that best showcase your areas of expertise or skill set. YouTube or Flikr accounts are great ways to show off your work. Engage in online community discussions. Any way you can demonstrate your knowledge in your area of expertise will help to build your credibility and create more potential clients.


And finally, do an occasional audit of your profiles. Does your profile picture still look like you? Does it need to be updated? Have you changed up your brand identity? Ask yourself these questions and adjust accordingly.


Your online presence is one of your most valuable assets, take control of it. One of the best things you can do is to claim your name and put a face to it with high quality headshots. Contact us today, we offer business portraits in our Austin, TX based studio and also provide a mobile studio service. View our portfolio or sneak a peek inside. We’ll help you put your best face forward!



Websites to Press Kits: Where To Use Your Professional Headshots

One way to make your online content more personable, and in turn more credible, is to put a face to your online identity. Because your photos will represent your online brand, it is important that they look professional. It is also important to have a variety of shots and poses. This will help people see different sides of your personality as well as provide options to use for different mediums and purposes.

So, you have your professional headshots, now what?

Here are some places where you should utilize those professional headshots:

  • Website
  • Social networking sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more….)
  • Your blog
  • Skype
  • Business cards
  • Promotional and marketing materials
  • Email signature
  • Signage
  • Press kits or any PR-related materials
  • Speaking engagement materials
  • Ad campaigns such as print ads, billboards, and digital banners
  • Business and recruitments networks such as Zoominfo
  • General or industry-related avatar profiles such as or

Help strengthen your brand by giving your customers a face to the name. Your professional headshots can be used across a variety of platforms, establishing a brand that people will be familiar with and trust. In this digital age, there are even more opportunities to use your headshot! Set up your professional headshot photography session today and get your face out there! Book your corporate portrait session online here or call 512-331-7744.