March 20, 2018

All Together NOW: Successful Staff Headshots

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You’re proud of your staff, you know they work hard, going in and out of the office on calls and projects all day, getting their jobs done and somehow finding time to be good spouses, parents, and friends at the same time. As a business owner, you want to project the best image possible and have your staff be a part of that professional image. It’s time for everyone to have a corporate-level headshot, but instead of attempting the impossible and rounding up the staff to send to the photographer, you’re considering asking the photographer to come to you.

While the idea may remind your staff of their high school yearbook picture day, here’s eight reasons hosting the photographer at your place will please your employees:

Staff won’t lose productive time: While everyone may be anxious to get to their emails, appointments and phone calls, those tasks can still be accomplished on photo session day. Return emails and phone calls while you wait your turn, and meet with clients online via meeting software.

Doing it all at once saves time: All the headshots all in one day means no one is missed and there’s no waiting to release promotional materials until that one employee who just couldn’t get over to the studio finally makes it there.

Consistency in appearance: You value employee individuality, but when it comes to headshots, you want professional consistency. When the photographer works with everyone on a single day, you have control over the background, lighting and overall look of each shot, in keeping with the image you want for your business.

Turn it into a treat for your staff: And speaking of appearances, make the day special with a hairstylist and makeup artist for your employees. It’s a nice way of saying, “I think you are all special enough to deserve to look your best,” while also gently hinting to a few employees, “You really need a little professional guidance here.”

Headshots in the office provides a familiar, more comfortable setting: The place you spend 40+ hours a week is a relative comfort zone compared to the unknown environment of a professional photography studio. And a relaxed and happy staff is a better-looking staff when you see those results and make a final decision.

Headshots in the office save money: You’re not paying for lost work time (remember, everyone is diligently checking their emails and voicemails while they wait) and mileage. And while you’re paying for the photographer’s time and skills, you’re not paying for the studio space.

Your clients will love the results: As the owner, they’ve seen your photo and recognize you and associate you with your business. Now they have the opportunity to match the names of people they speak to every day with and faces. You’ve just brought business up to a personal level, and introduced your clients to the people you respect and who make you a success.

Staff pride: Your employees take pride in their work, but corporate headshots add ownership, particularly when staff see themselves in brochures, promotional materials and in local media. They show it to friends and family, (AKA potential clients) and say, “That’s me, and that’s where I work.” But what they’re really saying is “I’m proud to show off this photo, because it looks so freaking GREAT! BEST picture of me EVER!”

At Korey Howell Photography Group, we understand the need to save time and get back to the business of running your business. We need only a small amount of your office space for lights and a laptop, and you see the results of our professional work immediately. There’s no waiting for proofs; you can view, edit and select your headshots the same day. Contact us for information about an office headshot session, and find out how we can make your business staff look professional and make you a proud business owner.

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