November 30, 2013

Why Web Designers Need a Professional Website Photography


Let’s say you’re a web designer or web development company. You’ve just created a gorgeous new online look for your client – a new color scheme, a killer layout, a brand-new logo design – the whole thing screams professionalism. Then you ask your client for a headshot, and you get one of the following:

  • The “selfie.”
  • Vacation photo with a person cropped out.
  • Mug Shot – standing in front of blank wall taken by a “friend” who thinks they are a photographer.
  • Glamour shot
  • Outdated photo  – (not usually as old as Mad Men, but you get the point)

So much for professionalism!

You can see why web developers and designers love me. Having a “go-to” for professional website photography means you can always count on every aspect of your final product looking fantastic. And it gives you a major edge over your competitors if you can say, “Sure, Mr. Client, I’ll get right to work on your new website’s design. Our photographer will call you to set up a quick photo shoot to make sure we use a professional quality headshot.” That’s a major added value you’re giving your clients. The client gets a headshot they can use for all kinds of stuff, you end up with a portfolio-ready website – and I get a ton of referrals!

need for professional website photography 2 - Why Web Designers Need a Professional Website Photography

So if you’re a business owner working on a company website and your web designer wants a headshot from you, let me know who your web guys are! Trust me, they want to meet me. They’ll thank you. I’ll thank you. And when you look at your finished website, you’ll thank both of us.

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