What to Wear for Your Business Portrait

Having a headshot readily available as your business portrait is a professional necessity. So when it’s time to snap those photos, approach it as a fun experience, rather than an intimidating appointment. It is also important to consider the outfit you will wear in your business portrait so that you convey the right tone. We have a few suggestions to help you dress appropriately.

General Business Portrait Attire Tips

  • Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Bring a few options for entire outfits or jackets.
  • Keep it simple when it comes to patterns or avoid them entirely by utilizing solids.
  • Prepare a business casual look if you’d like a headshot in that style.
  • Consider your type of business and dress in the appropriate tone
  • Be aware of the background so you don’t match it unintentionally


The Business Portrait Attire for Men

  • If you go with polos or more casual attire, make sure it is consistent with your business.
  • Mix and match appropriately when it comes to dress shirts and ties.
  • Outfits can have an entirely different tone when removing a tie.

The Business Portrait Attire for Women

  • Necklines can affect the shape of your face in photos so consider the shirt or blouse you use.
  • Avoid jewelry that may distract from your face so simple accessories are best.
  • If your shoes will be in the photo, make sure to bring a few options for your outfits.

Now that you’re ready with your wardrobe, it’s time to get take your business portrait! We offer different types of sessions to help you and your business get the photos needed. Head to our scheduling page to make an appointment with us soon!

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