January 9, 2013

Group Portraits in the Digital Age


How many times have seen a web page or brochure that makes some reference to “our skilled team” next to a group shot of a bunch of anonymous models from some clip-art gallery. Who are they kidding? That’s not their team. That’s nobody’s team. Where’s the group portrait of the real team?

Know why so many websites and print marketing pieces settle for those generic shots? It’s because people think group portraits are hard to deal with. “Oh, we’re all gonna have to wear the same clothes on the same day, and what if one of us is sick, and how can we tie up the whole gang for a photo shoot when there’s work to be done, yadda yadda yadda.”

The days of herding corporate cats for a group portrait are over.

This is the digital age, and that means we don’t have to shoot the whole group at the same time. Once your team has decided on a consistent dress code for the group portrait, each person poses, at their convenience, for an individual photo session. We then take each of those individual images and composite them together onto a suitable background through the magic of Photoshop. The result? A totally convincing group portrait where the whole team looks terrific, both individually and together. This technique solves your logistical problems as well as having to compromise on the best shot. Everyone wins.


The best part: As your team grows or changes, we simply rework the group image!

So if Sally leaves, no problem. If you have three new hires, you don’t have to worry about getting the gang together. Presto, change-o, Photoshop saves the day.

Below: Groups Shots Made Easy. 
Creating digital composites opens up a new world of possibilities. Today’s software us to drop out that background and put whatever we want in its place. Each one of these people was photographed individually and then composited together using Photoshop. The benefits of using this technique for groups shots are:

  1. you don’t have to try to coordinate multiple schedules,
  2. everyone will look great because they get to pick their best image and,
  3. as people leave and join the group
corporate group portraits 1 - Group Portraits in the Digital Age

Previous corporate “group” photo

corporate group portraits 2 - Group Portraits in the Digital Age

New corporate “group” photo in progress.

corporate group portraits 3 - Group Portraits in the Digital Age

Final New corporate “group” photo.

Don’t fear the group portrait. Embrace the group portrait. Then call us and get the group portrait.

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