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The holiday season is upon us. But even if it wasn’t, here are 20 gadgets that can make your tech life a lot easier. What is the best part? They are all under $20.

#20. Maintain A Line Of Protection

Secure your computer against data theft. Kensington Desktop Computer and Peripherals Locking Kit has everything you need to protect your desktop computer, two peripheral accessories and a wired keyboard and mouse. There’s no reason to remember a combination of numbers. You only need the key that’s provided.

#19. A USB Hub With A Surprise

Cateck has created a USB hub that includes a micro and regular SD card reader as well as three 3.0 ports. This USB hub allows everything to be close at hand.

#18. Channel The TV Medium

korey howell

Mohu Leaf allows you to get an idea of what on your area’s over the air channels. Reception varies, but the product is good and less than $20.

#17. A Hard-Shell Laptop Case May Be The Remedy For Computer Protection

These are made to protect any MacBook device. Made by Mosiso, the two-part case protects both the top and bottom from scratches. They come in a variety of colors and patterns.

#16. Stop Fighting Over The Phone Charger

korey howell

Anker solved this common problem by developing the multi-port phone charger. It can charge everyone’s phone at the same time. Whether you have roommates or a family, this device is a real game changer.

#15. Rechargeable Batteries Can Be Very Cost-Effective

Panasonic offers a bundle of both batteries and the charging cradle. The batteries can be fully recharged overnight. They’re built to last for ten years. These batteries are available in a variety of sizes.

#14. Stand Up For Laptops

A good laptop stand is essential for productivity. AmazonBasics Laptop Stand keeps your laptop propped up at an angle allowing you to use it as a second screen.

#13. An Armband Phone Case Makes Fitness Fun

Do you like to listen to music while walking or jogging? The Tribe AB37 Water Resistant Sports Armband enables you to enjoy your favorite music or podcast. Plus, it includes a place to hold your key. The best part is that it is only $9.98.

#12. Micro USB Cables And Lightning

korey howell

Having extra charging cables around is an excellent idea. Bestify and Amonor use nylon braiding that is covered by a year-long warranty.

#11. Protect Your Laptop With A Good Bag

There’s a variety of laptop bags on the market. Customization is reflected in their costs. AmazonBasics includes bags for different devices. They include both shoulder straps and hand grips, as well as space for accessories.

#10. Flash Drives

Don’t forgo flash drives for the cloud. The latter may be more dependable but moving large files may still be difficult unless you have a fast internet connection. SanDisk makes a flash drive with 64GB of storage. It’s also able to transfer data at USB 3.0 speeds.

#9. A Bluetooth Keyboard Works Well With Both Desktops And Laptops

These keyboards have a lot going for them. They are compact, light and have a long battery life. They’re also easy to set up and can be used with any desktop, laptop or tablet. Anker sells an ultra-slim one for just $13.99.

#8. A Portable Battery For Your Smartphone

korey howell

There’s no more need for a panic attack when you’re flying and you see your battery life at 20%. Jackery has created an external battery that can recharge your iPhone or Android phone multiple times before needing it to be recharged itself. It also has 2 USB ports for simultaneous charging.

#7. A Mini Bluetooth Speaker Is Perfect For Your Kitchen

korey howell

This 1.7-inch cube from Anker fits neatly into your pocket. It’s not designed to transmit the perfect sound. Rather, it’s ideal for a kitchen or podcast speaker. The portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is available through Amazon for $19.99.

#6. A Car-Phone Mount Can Give You Peace Of Mind

Keep your eyes on the road while using your GPS. Mounts can either clip onto your car’s air vents or your dashboard. The latter uses a suction cup. Check out the Zilu mount or Dreo’s Car Mount Phone Holder for the one that will best fit your needs.

#5. Enter Into A Different Reality

korey howell

Minkanak has developed a Google Cardboard viewer. Your experience won’t be as intense as those using more sophisticated viewers but will help you determine if you want to invest in a more expensive one.

#4. You Don’t Need To Pay A Fortune For A Wireless Mouse

korey howell

Costs can be rather high for a wireless mouse. But, AmazonBasics has created a mouse that uses a USB port for a little receiver. At $10.99, it’s an excellent way to rid yourself of another cable.

#3. Protect Your Phone With A Phone Case

There are many phone cases from which to choose. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and weight. You spent a lot of money on your phone. Pay a little more to help protect it. Phone cases can sell for as little as $7.99 through Amazon.

#2. Ear Buds

korey howell

Francois et Mimi created an excellent set of earbuds. They are made of silicone and come in three different sizes to accommodate the shape of your ear. These ear buds also include a mic so that they can be utilized for phone calls.

#1. Form And Function: Is This The Perfect Phone Stand?

korey howell

Lamicall designed a phone stand that can be used for both smartphones and iPads. It’s made of aluminum to match Apple products but blends in well next to any computer.

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