Best Employees Will Quit

7 Reasons Why Your Best Employees Will Quit

There are some legitimate grounds for job turnover: moving, a better position or just a bad fit. But, employee turnover can be costly. There’s the time it takes to find a suitable replacement, the costs in training that person, and ultimately the uncertainty whether the individual can do the job. A good boss tries to keep their best employees.

1. Overwork

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times. However, many employers tend to burden those best at their jobs. No matter how much your employee loves his position, burnout will cause him to leave.


2. Profits Before People

Employees are quick to recognize if you value profit over their well-being. Low morale and underperformance will soon take over. Obviously, you have to keep an eye on the bottom line but that bottom line is ultimately dependent on your employee’s satisfaction.

Profits Before People

3. Little Trust

Your employees look to you for direction. If they see you involved in unscrupulous dealings, the best will leave. The employees that stay will follow your lead.

4. Stuck In A Rut

Very few people love their routine so much that they want nothing to look forward to for the next 20 years. Most people have an innate desire to aspire to something.

5. Lack Of Praise

Everyone wants to be rewarded when they do a good job. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but recognition should occur on all levels. It not only makes your employees happy but serves as motivation.

6. Top-Heavy Hierarchy

Leadership is critical. But, when the administration is inflexible, employee productivity suffers. People need to know their ideas are valued. No one wants to work for someone on the basis of their title vs. expertise.

7. An Unclear Vision

It’s great if you have a great dream for your business. But your employees must see plausible goals to reach it. They need to be able to focus their energies and see results as well.

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