November 22, 2016

Hold The Phone (and forget the selfie stick)! Why Selfies in the Age of Personal Branding Do More Harm Than Good

Your social media presence is essential for finding jobs, keeping up with friends, and networking with people in your industry. So why is your profile photo a fuzzy, candid shot or worse…a selfie! Potential employers get their first impression of you from this photo, so forget the Selfie Stick and make your profile photo count. Use these three tips to make the most of your profile picture.

Don’t Settle for Less

This isn’t a job for your little sister and her smartphone. Especially if your photo is going on business sites, like LinkedIn, or your website profile, you need a professional to do the job right. Professional photographers can take advantage of lighting and good design to create a picture that makes you look amazing and fits with your brand. While your iPhone camera might have more megapixels that you’ll ever use, it takes a lot more than that to craft a professional photo.

If you think some boring headshot just isn’t for you, you’re missing the point.  A good photographer can incorporate your fantastic personality into the photo for a fun look that communicates who you are without saying a word. Creativity is the hallmark of great photography, so don’t settle for less when it comes to your profile photo. One photoshoot should get you several incredible images you can use on social media and on your professional website. When you look at your best, you’ll appear confident, successful, and talented.

Show Off Your Personal Brand

Think hard about your personal brand when you go into the studio. Your photo illustrates who you are, so let your personality shine through while considering your clients as well! Talk to your photographer about what other people should know about you and your company. There’s a good chance they’ll have some amazing ideas about communicating your brand through photography. Try a few different looks to show different aspects of what you do. Ask for suggestions that will solidify your brand across your online platforms. While you might want a more professional looking portrait for a business website, let the world get to know you with fun, brand-focused photos for more casual forms of social media. Different locations, backgrounds, and props are a great way to get your message across to the world.

Look Great on Every Account

LinkedIn isn’t the only place you need a professional photo. If your clients run across you or connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere, it is important not only to have a consistent look but a consistent level of quality to your photo. Once they see your shiny, exciting new headshot on one site, everything else will pale in comparison. Building your personal brand or client base is about standing out wherever you are, not just on business sites. Recruiters, clients, potential employers and other connections will check more than one platform to look into you, so give them a picture that is clear, professional, and stunning on every site. Think a single photographer isn’t up to the task? Think again. A good photographer will help you create the perfect photo for every situation. They’ll help you choose the right poses and backgrounds while highlighting your best attributes.

Don’t waste the opportunity to create opportunities for yourself or your business by using a ho-hum photo or a selfie as your calling card. A professional, vibrant headshot communicates intelligence, personality, and talent while making you look your best. The whole world can see your social media profiles, so don’t miss out on the chance to look incredible. If your profile needs a makeover, talk to one of our professional photographers to learn how a single picture can make others stand up and take notice! Let us change your out-of-date, candid photo to a sassy, stylish and professional image. To learn more about how you can really make your profile count, contact us today!

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