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Want to be the best marketer out there? Then, quit focusing on your product and start selling a movement.

Real Stories, Real Feelings

korey howell

To sell any product, your customer base has to relate to it. Effective marketing must provide something that resonates with people. Chances are, that won’t be a particular product. Instead, create a movement around that product.

SOLS Marketing Has It Right

iStock 72153263 SMALL - Marketing Has Nothing To Do With Selling A Product

SOLS is a company that creates 3D printed orthotic insoles. That may seem like a hard product to sell. However, their marketing department conceived of an idea to provide a platform that showcased how their customers’ lives improved once they got their insoles. Examples include a mom playing with her kids in a park, a runner, and a hard working entrepreneur. They also developed a short (2 minutes long) video that captures a young girl’s transition from childhood to becoming an adult by focusing on her shoes.

It’s all about creating a universal connection. When you start a movement, the product will sell itself.

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