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Marketing Has Nothing To Do With Selling A Product

Want to be the best marketer out there? Then, quit focusing on your product and start selling a movement.

Real Stories, Real Feelings

To sell any product, your customer base has to relate to it. Effective marketing must provide something that resonates with people. Chances are, that won’t be a particular product. Instead, create a movement around that product.

SOLS Marketing Has It Right


SOLS is a company that creates 3D printed orthotic insoles. That may seem like a hard product to sell. However, their marketing department conceived of an idea to provide a platform that showcased how their customers’ lives improved once they got their insoles. Examples include a mom playing with her kids in a park, a runner, and a hard working entrepreneur. They also developed a short (2 minutes long) video that captures a young girl’s transition from childhood to becoming an adult by focusing on her shoes.

It’s all about creating a universal connection. When you start a movement, the product will sell itself.

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