8 (Simple) Reasons You’re A Failure At Marketing (And How To Fix It)

Carole Mahoney makes a living from coaching people on how to make sales. More often than not, she finds them “uncoachable.” Are you guilty of any of these? There’s a reason each point begins with a variation of “you.”

8-You're Happy At Who You Are

Those who are not striving towards personal goals have no catalyst to improve. Ms. Mahoney finds that sometimes these people can improve if given a “nudge.

7. You're Always Right

These people are always looking for validation for their excuses. They are not seeking to change.

6. Your Situation Is Very Special

These are the marketers who think their job is too unique to be understood by anyone else. They don’t realize that while every business is unique, general business principles are central to all.

5. You're Very Special

There are people whose egos get in the way from being coached. Clients can quickly recognize when people are self-absorbed.

4. Your Follow-Through Is Poor

Ms. Mahoney often discovers these people when she assigns them homework, and they don’t follow-through. Remember: “Your word is your bond.”

3. You Don't Have Enough Time

If you think the problem is that you need more time to sell, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. Many think if they just work a bit harder, they’ll be okay. Changing the way they do things don’t factor in.

2. You Want Someone Else To Invest In Your Before You Invest In Yourself

People don’t take the time to learn how to market because it costs money upfront. If you don’t invest in yourself, why should your employer invest in you? That’s why many businesses utilize the “sink or swim” approach. Consider spending your money on a sales coach.

1. You're Afraid Of "Tough Love"

An effective sales coach is going to have to be brutally honest sometimes. After all, they are working one-on-one with you. But, if you are open to change and follow through on what you’re advised, there is hope for you yet.

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