[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Outsmart Your Inner Procrastinator

What was your first thought when you read this title? To bookmark it and read the article later? If you answered, “yes,” keep reading:

3-Before Work

  • Every night set up what you need for the next day. That includes: clothes, meals and office articles.
  • In the morning, perform 10 minutes of exercise to get those endorphins going.


2-Your Workplace

  • Atmosphere makes a difference.
  • Do not work at home. Home should be reserved for relaxing.
  • Redecorate your office monthly. Use the color red to increase attention to details and blue to raise productivity.
  • Make your workplace a “mobile free zone.” Your productivity will increase if you work without interruptions.

1-At Work

  • Organization is key.
  • Divide big projects into mini projects. Your sense of accomplishment will fuel the energy for the next task.
  • Try this schedule: Work hard 10 minutes, followed by 2 minutes of break. Do this 5 times an hour.
  • Decide what you’ll do on your breaks ahead of time.



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