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Motivational speaker, Tony Robbins was raised in a poor and unstable family. By 17, he was living on his own, on a custodian’s salary. He saved up for one of the late Jim Rohn’s motivational seminars. Afterward, he asked him for a job. Rohn began to mentor Robbins.

You May Be Surprised At What Happened Next

Robbins started working 12-14 hours a day and grew increasingly frustrated. He felt doomed to living the life of poverty he suffered in childhood. Eventually, Robbins approached Rohn and was given the best advice of his life.

The Best Advice Tony Robbins Ever Received

Jim Rohn told Tony Robbins that he was expecting things to happen too quickly. Robbins needed to build a skill set. Only then, he would add more value than anyone else. Once, he accomplished this; his gifts would begin to show.

The Change Did Not Happen Overnight, But It Did Happen

Initially, nothing happened. But, slowly, Robbins started to build a brand different than his mentor. What can you gain from this? Robbins encourages everyone to “participate in their own rescue.” Offer to be a mentee. Learn the necessary skills and work at being better than anyone else.

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