STOP Making These Work Sacrifices (They Are Killing You)

Success requires sacrifice. But, when do you “draw the line?” Some things should never be sacrificed for a job.

4. Your Personal Goals

Granted our jobs are the vehicle to help us navigate through life. They provide the money we need to survive as well as for a bit of comfort. But, your job should never outweigh other ambitions you have in your life. Marriage, travel, or a career change should never be compromised.

3. Your Integrity

Think about the person you always wanted to be and who you are today. Compromising principles can be subtle or glaring.  Misrepresentation and manipulation can be easy while climbing the corporate ladder. But, in the end, who will you see when you look in the mirror? What kind of ethics do you value? It’s never too late to change.

2. Family And Friendships

Back in 1999, a study found that 55% of marriages with a workaholic ended in divorce, while only 16% of marriages dissolved without a workaholic. It would be interesting to see if those figures have increased in the years since. Studies show that adult children of workaholics suffered from anxiety, depression and marriage difficulties.

1. Your Health

Approximately 80% of workers report feeling stressed at work. Chronic stress causes more than insomnia. It can cause headaches, heart conditions, asthma, and depression. In short, stress can affect every body system. Your health should be a priority.

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