January 5, 2017

Social Media 101: How Your LinkedIn Photo Can Make or Break You

Remember the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”?  Forget you ever heard it because in today’s society, the “cover” is the first thing that is judged.  This especially holds true for your LinkedIn photo.  Get rid of that duck face and party picture and watch the leads start rolling in!  Here are a few ways your LinkedIn photo can make or break your profile:


Right Picture, Right Job


Trying to land that dream job?  Then you need the right profile picture!  Social media culture is obsessed with pictures.  People on Instagram build their reputation off their pictures.  The same goes for your business profile on LinkedIn.  Recruiters see your picture first and decide whether to scroll further.  In fact, a study has been done that found that recruiters spend 19 percent of the time viewing your profile on your picture alone!  Think that’s unfair?  Go flip through social media profiles and see what you notice first!  


Now that you know the secret to more profile views, remember these tips before you pick out the next photo.  


  • Make it a head-shot only going down to waist level
  • Don’t post a picture of you with other people
  • Make sure the colors you wear are flattering
  • Lean towards natural makeup
  • Pick a picture with an inviting smile, laugh, or expression
  • Avoid pictures with too much skin showing 
  • Attract clients by looking the part


The secret to drawing in clients on LinkedIn is really understanding your target market.  What are you saying about yourself to others with your photo?  If you are a marriage and family therapist, you need to have an inviting picture that makes your clients feel comfortable.  A soft smile and professional attire will go a long way in attracting clients.  Accomplishing the right look for the job is not easy and often requires a skilled photographer that understands lighting, facial expressions, artistic approaches, and more.  They can capture personality in a professional way unlike your cheesy selfie!


Be the Connection Others Want


Make your brand something others want to connect with on LinkedIn.  People like to be friends with those that offer value.  This starts with your picture.  Professionals like to brag about their business connections, and well, if your photo is you jumping into a pool, you’re not going to be worthy of a mention or showing.  This also means that Dr. Doe is not going to refer you to his CEO friend for a job.  Appearance is everything.  LinkedIn isn’t the place for your cute Facebook photo or a picture of your adorable family.  Keep your personal brand separate from your business identity.


Increase Influence with One Look


Your LinkedIn photo does so much more than you realize.  The right photo with the perfect lighting, background color, and expression can not only increase your following, but it can boost the influence you have on others.  If you have a great picture, your connections will feel more inclined to be a part of what you are posting.  They’ll read more of your posts, like your articles more, and comment more.  This gives you increased visibility for recruiters, potential business connections, and leadership opportunities.


The same goes for your other business accounts.  Once you find the LinkedIn photo that is “the one”, make it your Gmail and work messenger picture.  Keep your professional brand unified through that one photo.  


Now that you understand all the benefits of having the right profile photo, consider getting a professional headshot done. The price for a professional photographer is definitely worth the outcome!  So, if you’re ready to boost your professional life, contact us today!

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