December 22, 2016

How a Professional Headshot Can Help in Your Job Search

Differentiation is something that’s essential when marketing yourself in a tough job market. Even if you think you have all the best skills in the world and top every other woman in your field, you need to prove how professional and polished you are. Skills are important, but so is your appearance in virtually any career field. First impressions make a big difference in how you stand out from the crowd. It’s why you need to know how a professional headshot can help in your job search.

The question is, how can you achieve a headshot that gives the impression that you could walk off the screen and into the job? You’ll need an experienced photographer who knows what to do because it’s sometimes elusive. Angles, lighting, and expressions encompass a lot about a person. Something slightly off could send an entirely different message that loses you the job you want. Let’s look at the techniques needed in your headshot and how to work with a professional photographer.


Think About the Clothes You Wear

What you wear in a professional headshot can tell a lot about you in mere seconds. While you’ll probably want to wear some sort of business suit, it’s not necessarily mandatory. Perhaps you want to look more casual if the job you’re after has a more laid back approach.

Another thing to remember, if you want to get artsy and do a headshot in black and white, a color or pattern in your suit might not translate well. So think about what colors look like on film and what it conveys.

If you’re going to wear a shirt with a message on it, think about how it’s going to look in the shot. Unless you’re getting a full-body picture, the message could get cut off in the picture, making it seem like you didn’t prepare for the picture.


How Does Your Skin Look?

One of the disadvantages to working under artificial lights is it can make skin look overly shiny or sweaty. This is the last thing you want in a professional headshot, even if you think nobody’s going to notice from afar. With more high-definition photography, just a few beads of sweat could show up on your brow. You may not think this matters, but any skin flaw could easily form an unfortunate negative opinion in an opinionated society. It’s worth taking some time to put some concealer and foundation on your skin before getting your shot done.


Choosing Your Best Side

Since you’ve likely had photos done before, you already know which side of your face looks the best. Sometimes people think they know, but they really have no idea. Put some trust in your photographer, but give recommendations to them if you know yourself well enough. Telling them gives the photographer something to work with so you’re captured at just the right angle to convey your best features!


To Smile, or Not to Smile; That is the Question

Maybe you don’t like smiling in photos, but you think you need to for your headshot. Remember, it all depends on the company you’re applying for and the vibe they give off. Doing a little research on the company can give you an idea on whether to show a toothy smile, a closed smile or perhaps a more introspective look. It doesn’t hurt to take one looking serious and one with a smile to use for different job situations. Maybe even consider the “Smize” (originated by Tyra Banks), where you smile with your eyes rather than directly showing your teeth.

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