January 18, 2017

Best Places Around Austin to Take Stunning Photos

Austin is a vibrant city surrounded by a beautiful countryside. There are many beautiful, quirky, and visually stunning places to visit. It is nearly impossible to write about all the best places to take stunning photos. We can, however, offer some of our favorites. The Capital City’s diversity provides everything from modern, downtown buildings beautiful botanical gardens. Korey Howell Photography is available to do on-site photo shoots at your desired location, simply let us know what your ideas and plans are, and we’ll get back to you with more information. This list of great locations is by no means all-encompassing but will give you some ideas of what’s available.

Zilker Botanical Gardens

If you’re looking for something outdoors, beautiful, varied and budget-friendly then Zilker Botanical Gardens is the place for you. Located 10 minutes outside of downtown Austin, they only charge $2 entry per adult! If you are planning a company shoot, you can probably get it done in a half day because of the convenient location. If you are looking for a great place to take some nice photos of you and your significant other, then the beauty of Zilker will enhance those shots.

The garden has an incredible variety of flora. From cactus and succulent gardens to a Japanese garden. the “Isamu Taniguchi Garden.” Built by Mr. Taniguchi in 1969 when he was 70 years old, it covers 3 acres and took him 18 months to finish. Complete with a pond and footbridge named the Togetsu-Kyo bridge (“Bridge to Walk Over the Moon”), it has remarkable backdrops and scenery for your photos. There is even a waterfall in the park!

Lake Travis

Make the short trip to Lake Travis and your inner sailor will be thrilled. Schedule your photo session on a private yacht and take advantage of some of the most beautiful natural light available as you sail off into the sunset. Most tours get under way about 90 minutes before sunset. While the cost is not as low as Zilker Gardens, it is still reasonable considering that you’re getting quality time on a private yacht.

Bull Creek Park

This is another idyllic setting for your photo shoots. This park has a more natural look, not manicured like Zilker. Surrounded by the beautiful Greenbelt, you’ll have the backdrop of nature to make your photos stand out. The abundant rock formations and water features in the park are also perfect to use. The creek is at its best after a good rainfall, so plan your shoot accordingly if you want to use it in your shots. While it’s not a leash-free park, it is dog-friendly, providing stations with clean up bags. Perfect for bringing your furry friend along!

Here are some more beautiful outdoor areas to consider for your photo shoots:

  • Mayfield Park
  • Wells Branch Park
  • Hamilton Pool – a bit of a trip, but definitely worth it.
  • McKinney Falls State Park


The Amtrak Station

Yes, the Amtrak Station. If you want to go in a different direction from a nature photo shoot, then the urban landscape of Austin will provide something that will excite you. The Amtrak Station offers a fairly diverse assortment of backdrop options. There are decaying brick buildings, some decorated with the requisite graffiti. There is a fair amount of greenery on location and the urban/greenery contrast is always interesting.

University of Texas

In 1883 the university opened with just one building, eight professors and 221 students, today, there are over 51,000 students using the university system. The UT campus is huge and offers some fantastic photography options. Incorporating the striking architectural designs and unique character of some of the buildings will make for distinctive shots. 

Graffiti Walls

Austin loves to keep things weird in all kinds of ways! One of those ways is its expressive graffiti walls scattered throughout the city. One of the largest, most vibrant, and ever-changing walls is the Austin Graffiti wall located off Lamar Blvd., near 11th and 12th St. If you are looking to make a statement with your photos, these walls will do just that!

There are numerous other options for your shoot, depending on your needs and goals for the photographs. At Korey Howell Photography, we work very closely with all our clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the finished photos. Please contact us and let us help you make that perfect shot!

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