December 13, 2016

Why Small Business Owners Should Invest in Professional Headshots

How many people have sheepishly uploaded a photo taken in their car or snapped at an event with a phone to their LinkedIn profile, wishing that it looked just a little more professional? Have you spent time cropping that wedding photo because it’s the only professional photo you have? Are you using a picture that is ten years old because it was the last professional photo you had taken? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it is time for your small business to make an investment in professional headshots.

Personal Brand – Show Who You Are

You invested time and money in order to develop a perfect logo and website for your business’ brand image. You need to make sure your personal brand is being given the same consideration. Professional headshots are more than just a pretty picture at the top of your LinkedIn profile. It gives people a sense of who you are and establishes the trust and credibility customers seek.  A photograph of you gives customers the feeling that they know you personally and can identify with you. As a business owner, a headshot shows responsibility and interest and encourages customers to like and trust you.

Online Presence – Putting Your Business Out There

Most businesses today need an online presence. For businesses who operate solely online, presenting yourself to your customers through a professional headshot helps create and develop that online presence. It’s the classic, “a picture is worth a thousand words” saying at work. Your photo tells the customer a story about your business and about you. Matching the headshot to the aesthetics of the business will also greatly increase credibility and understanding for your clients. When it’s time to take that headshot, get with a professional photographer who can work with you to understand your image and create photos that represent the brand image you want.

Social Media Appearance – Keep Everything Tied Together

Social media plays such a huge role for businesses today. Customers are finding businesses through Facebook, Yelp and Google. They’re finding you through LinkedIn. They interact with you and your business on Twitter, SnapChat or Instagram. When you have professional headshots across all your platforms it helps to nurture the relationships you are building with customers. According to these statistics from LinkedIn, having a professional photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed. These tools should be leveraged to bring customers to your business, so consistency of image across your platforms is a must.

Competitive Edge – Make Yourself Stand Out

Succeeding in business is all about standing out from your competition. Having a professional headshot that is well matched to your brand sets you apart. By applying your face to your brand and presence, you are attracting attention. Businesses who attract attention, attract success.

Readiness and Control – Take Charge of Your Brand

Controlling your brand and presence lies in your hands when you have ready access to publishable headshots and photos. For articles about your business, press releases or recognition, you might be asked to provide photos. If you do not already have those photos available, you are at the mercy of their photographer. You can maintain control of your brand and your image when you provide a professional photo of your own upon request.

A professional photographer will use the best equipment and photo editing tools available. They will provide you with high-resolution, scalable, print-ready photos to use in all your marketing and communications needs. Your photographer will help you with your style and look and give you a variety of poses and backgrounds to choose from. We encourage you to look through our website and portfolio to see how we can support your brand. Contact us today for a consultation.

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