Savvy Ways Austin Companies Can Create a Brand Image

Savvy, successful businesses know that establishing and caring for your corporate image through reputation and branding helps ensure long-term success. The way your business is presented to the world has a profound impact on your future. Knowing that first impressions have such a lasting impact on your customers means that you must work to create a positive image from your very first encounter. Here are some great ideas to help you establish and maintain your image.


Company Branding – Find Yourself!


Your brand is more than just your logo. It is your public image and how people think about your product or service. Your brand includes your place of business, the people who work for your business, and what you sell. Your brand sets your business apart from the competition and communicates success. While your logo is important, your overall brand is the image people associate with your business, so be sure to build a strong, consistent presence that will establish and build customer loyalty.


A strong brand starts with a strong image.


Process Transparency – Nobody Likes a Secret (Unless They’re in on It)


Make it easy to work with your company. Offer straightforward, easy-to-find listings of products, services, and prices to make the decision to do business with you a no-brainer. Give your customers easy to understand price lists and packages that make choosing options simple and quick. Complicated pricing structures and hidden fees frustrate customers, and frustrated clients are not repeat clients. When you make the process pleasing for them, you make it easy for them to make the decision to keep coming back.

Nobody Likes a Secret

Online Business Presence – Put Yourself Out There!


Today, customers find businesses online. You see people everywhere pulling out their smartphone and looking for businesses using Google, Yelp, Facebook, or some other crazy new site. Creating a website is necessary and there are plenty of resources to help with this. Having a social media presence is vitally important to businesses, but you must choose the platform(s) that align with your brand! Think about your audience and whether they are on LinkedIn or Instagram and go to them. Start a fun conversation!


Part of the key to a quality presence online is a great image.


Keep a Database – Friends…Clients…Customers, Give Me Your Email!


If a customer has purchased your product or service once, it makes good sense to encourage their return. Maintaining a customer database allows you to email updates, promotions, and information about your business, as well as keep up with folks on social media and stay in front of the people who matter most. Make sure your clients don’t forget about your or get distracted with someone new! Keep them loyal with regular communication, rewards and offers.


PR – Get In the Public Eye


Using the press and a little PR can promote your image in an organic way. Participating in community events can bring attention to your business, not to mention help your community. Hosting your own events is a very fun way to attract attention and make sure you are center stage. If you are holding a grand opening, receiving an award, or recognizing an employee accomplishment, tell the world about it! Keep in mind: this is a hit or miss proposition, not everything will be picked up, but when it is it can be a boost for you and your business.


When a story does get picked up, you will need a stellar headshot at the ready!


Employees – Your Peeps are Your Most Valuable Asset!


The people who work for you are great assets when it comes to building your image. They interact with your clients, talk about your company, use your services and represent your business. Make sure everyone is well-versed on the company mission and how to present your business to the public. Encourage them with incentives for referrals or sales.  Let them know you value them and their hard work and they will work for you even when they aren’t on the clock by telling people about what you do.


Having professional headshots of your whole staff looks great on a website!


Carefully crafting your corporate image takes more than just creating a logo or a website. Keeping and building that image means developing a solid plan and working with a savvy support network.  To learn more about how we can help build and keep your image in the Austin area, contact us today!

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