December 29, 2016

7 Apps Every Professional Woman Needs in Her Life Right Now!

Most everyone has a smartphone or tablet at their side 24/7. There are many apps that provide ways to entertain and kill time, and we see ads for them all the time. But there are also numerous apps that help with managing your work life and productivity. With thousands of apps out there, how do you choose? Here is a list of 7 apps that every professional woman needs in her life right now! Even better, these apps are all free!

Dropbox or Google Drive

Depending on your preference, Dropbox or Google Drive will become indispensable for keeping the items and documents you need at your side. These file storage services store your documents in the Cloud, making it easy to back up or access documents anywhere at any time! Next time you need to get to that presentation or form, it will be right at your fingertips.

Google or Apple Calendar

Managing your calendar on your smart device is essential. Both calendars perform the same essential functions: helping you stay organized, and acting as a personal assistant. These apps are easy to use, simple to share and play a key role in helping you be in the right place and on time! They can also be used to schedule out tasks that you need to complete.


Since social media presence is essential to your business, Hootsuite helps you keep it all under control. This app links all your social media accounts so you can post simultaneously, allowing you to do more in less time. Hootsuite also gives you real-time analytics and can help you protect your reputation by tracking messages and mentions. This app also allows you to sync your calendar and you can create and pre-set dates for messages.


Expensify is a highly-rated app for tracking expense reports. When you need to track expenses, this is the right app for you. Simply photograph receipts and upload them. Expensify scans the receipt and captures important details like the amount and date. Use it to record mileage, as well as create, print or save reports. Similar apps such as Quickbooks, Smart Receipts or Concur are also out there to try, but with over 4 million users, Expensify seems to be a favorite.


Freshbooks is an easy-to-use invoicing app for managing accounts and tracking time. Use Freshbooks can also be used for invoicing clients and simple bookkeeping. While it lacks some of the major accounting features offered by Quickbooks or GoDaddy Accounting, it has a simple to use interface and keeps you on the go creating invoices, capturing expenses, and tracking your time.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

For the on-the-go professional woman, hosting or attending meetings anywhere is a must. Cisco WebEx lets you join meetings or conferences from your tablet or smartphone at any time, with anyone. You get high-quality 2-way video, web conferencing and screen sharing with a host of other options.

Awesome Note

Awesome Note is an innovative note-taking software you can use to jot down ideas, write journals or record meeting notes and follow-up to-do items. Attach voice memos, photos, drawings or maps, then organize into folders or add themes to help keep different sets of notes separate. Share, print or save the notes and access them easily as needed. Internet access is not required to use this app, so it works great for note taking offline and saving later.

This is just a snapshot of the many apps available for busy, professional women. What are some of your favorites? Comment here and let us know what you use! At Korey Howell Photography, we are invested in making your business shine. Contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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