‘- [INFOGRAPHIC] What’s Next For Videos Regarding Social Media (see here)

More businesses are using video for showcasing their branding efforts. It allows marketers to personalize, add creativity and communicate with their customers … and it’s working. 51.9% of worldwide marketing professionals now say the video is the top way to build customer relationships. Over 60% of those responsible for branding plan to increase investment in this platform over the next year.

#3 -Here's The Most Popular Video Platforms

  • Facebook: 62.2%
  • YouTube: 13.3%
  • LinkedIn: 12.2%
  • Twitter: 9.9%
  • Instagram: 8.8%
  • Periscope: 5.7%
  • Snapchat: 5.6%

#2- Who's Using Digital Videos?

  • Professional Marketers: 84%
  • Small Business Owners: 55%

#1-Does It Work?

  • Yes! 76% of small business owners and professional marketers report video marketing directly impacted their business.
  • Over 60% plan on increasing their investment in this platform next year.

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