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Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Read what works with other successful entrepreneurs and see if it’s a good fit for you.

#7. Bill Wade, Company.com: “Always Listen To Your Employees.”

korey howell

Wade makes a point of staying engaged with his management team. It not only keeps him in the loop but gives him an opportunity to keep his team excited.

#6. Seth Epstein, Los York: “Wake Up Early And Exercise.”

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Although he loves to sleep in, Epstein values a morning workout. Science supports this view. Early workouts have been found to improve sleep habits and reduce stress.

#5. Paul Saunders: eLuxurySupply.com: “Say No More Often … And Turn Off Your Cell Phone And All The Noise.”

korey howell

Some entrepreneurs will find it improbable, if not impossible, to turn off all their electronics. If that’s the case, prioritize which ones you use.

#4. Dex Deboree, Los York: “Two-Minute Meditations.”

korey howell

Taking a few minutes to clear your head is vital, especially if you have a job that demands creativity.

#3. Daniel Hermann, Paint Nite: “I Feel Like I Have To Move Away From All The Productivity Tools, The Evernotes, And Move Into Meetings With Just A Pen And A Notepad.”

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Keeping it things simple helps some people to focus better on the task at hand.

#2. Branndon Stewart, OutboundEngine: “I’ll Record Most Conference Calls And Meetings Using The Recorder On My Phone, Then Go Back And Take Notes.”

korey howell

The minutes of meetings are important to remember. The more meetings you have, the easier they are to forget.

#1.Sterling Wilson, Pop! Promos: “I Try To Take All The Things I Don’t Enjoy Doing And Figure Out Who’s Better At It And Put Them In Charge Of It.”

korey howell

It will take less time to go through the tasks you enjoy. Find someone who excels at what you don’t and delegate.

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