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Visions do not get fulfilled by themselves. They are built upon goals. But, what makes a sustainable goal? These 6 tips will help you get what you want.

#6-Develop Goals That You Control

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It sounds logical but often we set goals that require the cooperation of others. You have very little chance of achieving any of your goals should you leave them up to someone else.

#5-Your Goals Should Reflect Your Values

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You spend a lot of time working toward your goals, whether personal or professional. If your career goals do not mesh with your personal ones, you are destined to a miserable life.

#4-Give Yourself Some Time … But Not Too Much

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It’s a given you don’t want to be living in your parent’s basement forever. But, setting unrealistic timeframes sets up a scenario for failure. Start visualizing where you want to end up in your career, then work backward at -what it will take to reach them.

#3-Practice Risk Management

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Entrepreneurs enjoy the element of risk. But, when setting goals, practice risk management. Incorporate risks so that if something goes awry, they cause the least amount of damage.

#2-Aim High

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Think about this: One story goes that a man was asked about how to make a million dollars. The answer was not to focus on your first $1million, but rather think about making your first $20 million.

#1-Plan For Success

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Don’t focus on failure. Unfortunately, you’ll meet others that will do that for you. Thinking about failure is self-destructive and pointless. Instead, make a plan then work it.

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