Will Bring Customers Running To Retailers

These 5 Tips Will Bring Customers Running To Retailers

The holidays are right around the corner. It’s not too early to start planning your sales strategy.

#5-Accentuate The Experience Factor”

Black Friday is one such example. Come up with creative ways to entice an entire group of customers to want to buy your product.

Accentuate The Experience Factor

#4-Don’t Focus On Price

It’s a given that customers expect deep discounts before the holidays. Minimize price cuts and focus on the product. Pitch to your customer base how your product can successfully impact their life.

Don’t Focus On Price

#3-Promote Group Belonging

Studies show that most humans need to feel part of a group. Capture those consumers that are “sitting on the fence” by reinforcing product popularity.

#2-Durability Counts

Forego the push toward trendy or “nice-to-have” products. Consumers want to know they are getting value for their dollar. Emphasize the long-term investment aspect of your product.

#1-Foster A Sense Of Urgency”

Use the concept of loss aversion to promote sales. People do not like the feeling of losing out on something. Creating ad campaigns like “only 5 left” or “price availability for only 36 hours.”

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