Look Awesome This Fall

11 DIY Hacks To Help You Look Awesome This Fall

These DIY hacks will help you look your best and take great care of your clothes as well.

1. Stick Those Jeans In The Freezer

Some people promote washing denim only ever 6-12 months. If your denim starts to smell a bit, try sticking them in the freezer overnight.

Jeans In The Freezer

2. Buy A Lingerie Washing Bag

These handy bags are great for holding watch straps, socks and other small items that need washing.

Lingerie Washing Bag

3. Don’t Wear The Same Shoes Every Day

Alternate your shoes with at least one other pair.
This gives ample time for any perspiration to dry. Dampness, either inside or outside, can cause shoes to lose their shape.

4. Use A Sweater Stone

Sweater stones are made from porous volcanic rock. They do an excellent job of getting rid of the “pills” a lot of sweaters develop. Never use a razor on your sweaters. The blades will destroy the fibers and cause holes.

5. Never Hang Your Sweaters

No matter the fiber or weave, hanging sweaters stretches them out. Fold them and store in a dresser.

#6. Learn How To Layer

Layer clothes from thinnest (closest to your skin) to the bulkiest.

7. Roll Up Your Sleeves The Right Way

Fold the cuff inside out. Pull the end to meet your elbow.

  • Fold the bottom end until it reaches the top of the cuff.
  • Smooth out the edges of the fold.

8. Button Your Sweater Correctly

  • Top Button: Buttoning is up to the individual
  • Middle Button: Should always be buttoned
  • Last Button: Should never be buttoned


9. Dryer Sheets Are Your Best Friend

Sweaters can get musty while in storage. Put them in the dryer on a low-heat cycle along with a dryer sheet to freshen them up.

10. Know When A Shirt (Blouse) Fits You

Short Narrative


  • If the buttons pull when you sit down, it’s time to go up a size.
  • If your shirt does not fit squarely on your shoulders, it’s time to go down a size.


11. In General, Avoid Dryers

]Whenever possible, hang dry your clothes. Overall, fibers take a beating in dryers.


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