January 16, 2017

5 Benefits of a Corporate Headshot

Have you ever wondered why real estate agents always feature a photo of themselves on their ads and promotional campaigns? It’s not because they are seeking celebrity status! They simply understand the potential of their name as their brand and connect it with their image. Those headshots are branding their business. The realtor is the business, so to speak. Real estate agents are a dime a dozen, so it is the personality that becomes the brand. And every business professional should tap into this brand power. Here’s what a professional headshot can do for your career.


Potential clients know you before they even meet you. Recruiters form a first impression without even shaking your hand. A headshot is the first introduction. Employers recognize the effort of a professional headshot as a savvy move. It’s a way of setting yourself apart from the competition. Potential clients experience a tiny step toward trust, connecting with a real person through imagery. For everyone, a lasting impression is created even after the image is no longer before them. It is less likely you will be forgotten.


A professional headshot is not a selfie. This is not a self-indulgent, casual pic of an individual “doing what is that they do”. That means no duck face, bedroom eyes or salutes with a champagne flute! Headshots are a professional tool designed to help you brand your own style of professionalism. Hairstyle, cosmetic application, jewelry, accessories and apparel are just as important as facial expression. It all works together to create the impression that you are qualified and capable.

Background Story

Although the focus of a headshot is the person being photographed, the background is equally important. In a sense, it tells a story of its own. Keep it too plain and the subject of the headshot may appear aloof as if you couldn’t be bothered with the details. It could also have viewers wondering if the photo was taken in a brightly lit bathroom as you stood in front of your shower curtain. Fill it with distracting patterns or bits and bobs and attention is diverted from branding yourself. A muted background that ties in with your industry, whether through color, lighting or props, sends a clear message that you belong in that environment.

Maintaining Relevance

More and more professionals are taking advantage of networking opportunities online. Platforms like LinkedIn are venues of professional potential. The best profiles feature professional, polished headshots. A blank box sends a message that you either don’t pay attention to detail, are not staying current with professional trends, or may not be active on the platform. Having a corporate headshot that can be quickly uploaded and shared online means that you are a professional who is maintaining relevance in the corporate community.

Making Things Happen

When a professional features a corporate headshot, they are sending a message that they know how to make things happen. A headshot is by no means a requirement on any resume. Foregoing the upload of a headshot to online professional networks is equally not a deal breaker. However, to have one sends a clear signal to talent recruiters and human resource professionals. It tells them that you are willing to make the effort to put your best foot forward. A headshot communicates commitment to the most successful corporate practices. This is a confidence builder in a person who is considering you for a position of responsibility within their company.

Success doesn’t just happen. The most successful people leave as little as possible to chance. They trust the proven methods of those who have gone before them, modeling their path of achievement along similar lines. If headshots were not a tried and true part of a winning brand strategy, real estate agents would have discontinued them long ago. Other professionals would not have adopted the practice. But the truth is, use of corporate headshots is only increasing and becoming more widespread. Austin professionals place their heads in the hands of photographers who excel in their craft. Please contact us today and schedule your studio session!

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