What’s The Best Way To Perfect Your Craft? Try Trial By Fire

Years ago, people learned by becoming an apprentice. It was a given that you would try, fail, then try again. Hence, the saying: “Try, try again.”

Authentic Learning Is Based In Real Life

It’s true. Although education is important, you must be able to apply the principles you learn to real life situations. That’s what scientists do. They mentally create hypotheses, then test them out in a laboratory over and over again. Those impressive gymnasts you saw in the Olympics?  They didn’t get that good just by studying body dynamics. Those athletes got out on the balance beam and uneven bars and tried, fell off and kept trying until they got it right.

based in real life

Be Willing To Expose Yourself

That can be hard. No one likes feeling vulnerable. Our brains are wired to relish certainty. But, the only way you can grow is to see your weaknesses and improve upon.

Be Willing To Expose Yourself

This Calls For A Change In Attitude

Consider every day as an opportunity to create something. You’ll find yourself establishing healthy,  new habits. You may even find yourself being an influence to those around you. Still leery? You’re going to be. Just try and see what happens. If you fail at times, and you will … remember to “Try, try again.”

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