Branding Versus Marketing … Not Knowing The Difference Can Cost You Millions

Branding isn’t just a trendy term. It’s a vital part of any business. To be successful, you have to know the difference between marketing and branding.

Push Versus Pull

Think of marketing as a “push tactic.” You’re sending a message to your customers to buy your product because it’s the best. You’re pushing them to make a decision.

But, branding is more of a “pull tactic.” With branding, you pull the client into a relationship with the product. To do this, you first explain the brand and ask your potential customer if this is what they’re looking for. If so, please buy it, then recommend it to others. People who brand businesses look for long term results.

Tactical Versus Strategic

Marketing is tactical in nature. Marketing drives sales. It contributes to a brand. But the brand is always bigger than any marketing effort. Branding is what’s responsible for what you remember after the marketing efforts are over. (Think the musical score from Jaws. When you hear that music, you immediately think “shark.”)

Brands are a factor of many things. These include:

  • The brand living up to its promises
  • The quality of the products
  • Good customer interaction that builds brand loyalty

(Notice the wording is “brand” loyalty not “marketing” loyalty.)

Marketing And Branding Are Both Important, And Must Work Hand In Hand

  • The mechanism for how these two factors work is the same no matter the type or size of business.
    • Marketing helps to find and “activate” buyers.
    • Branding invites customers to engage with the brand.

    Every marketing consideration pushes a client to either buy or decline a product. Its push is to sell. There is no doubt that a well-run marketing plan is a great return on your investment. But, it takes more than that.

    Branding offers a clear explanation of the product, invites others to try it, and engage in honest communication. The idea is to build customer loyalty.

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