Stop Complaining

Stop Complaining! It Can Kill You

The adage “misery loves company” has a long history. English naturalist and botanist, John Ray gets first credit. But, others through history have repeated the idea. Science now confirms the saying is true, and it can be bad for your brain.

#5-Venting May Not Be Healthy After All

Venting sounds like an excellent idea. After all, who doesn’t need to release steam sometimes. But, science now shows the opposite is true. Complaining is not good for either you or those around you.

#4-You Are Rewiring Your Brain

Signals pass from one nerve cell to another through a synapse. Synapses permit neurons to pass electrical or chemical signals to each other. As these signals transverse synapses, a “bridge” is built among nerve cells. Synapses become closer together and the brain, effectively, rewires itself. Repetition of thought occurs, and these will eventually win out over other ones. Thus, if you wallow in negativity, those will be the thoughts that first come to mind.

#3-Complaining Is Bad For The Rest Of Your Body Too


It’s a fact that stress weakens the immune system. You also raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of heart disease. Bone density is also adversely affected. Diabetes and obesity can also become issues. Learning and cognitive ability is even affected. The problem is cortisol, known as the stress hormone. This hormone is released when you’re experiencing stress, and that includes when you complain.

#2-Who Do You Hang Out With?

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Ever hear of empathy? It’s the capacity to feel what another is feeling? How does this happen? Your brain “tries out” the feeling. So, if those feelings are negative, you are rewiring your brain.

There Is A Solution

Here’re some tips to help you surround yourself with happiness and positivity.


  • Be prepared. If you work in a negative environment, think of some optimistic topics.
  • Try to be empathetic as much as you can. It may be difficult, but it dilutes the negativity.
  • Attempt to train perpetually negative people. Don’t get caught in the negativity loop. Ignore it completely or respond with one or two-word answers.
  • Protect yourself by keeping yourself unstressed. Eat healthy. Get enough food. Exercise.


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