The Sales Process Is Changing

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Sales Process Is Changing … And You Can Thank Millennials

B2B sales are going through a massive shift as 10,000 people are retiring daily. Millennials have taken over the workforce. Currently, they number 83 million and by 2025 will make up over 75% of our labor pool.

Now is a good time to evaluate how B2B sales are viewed by this generation.

#3 -Likes vs Dislikes

  • 72% favor these sales.
  • 17% are not familiar with B2B sales
  • 7% look at them negatively

#2-Millennials interested In Joining The B2B Ranks

ability to network
  • 62% vote yes
  • 17% voted no
  • 21% voted maybe

#1-Compensation Makes A Difference

Time management

Those supportive of joining the B2B ranks list the high compensation found in this field. While those that voiced no interest felt it didn’t coordinate with their interests. The best way to change the perception of those not in favor of pursuing a B2B career is to increase their understanding.


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