Must – Have Business Apps for Awesome Female Entrepreneurs

What does it take to be a highly successful, smart, and organized female entrepreneur?  All the right apps!  Don’t spend your 100-hour work weeks doing things manually, spend it doing things efficiently and watch your brand thrive.  To do that, you’ll need these apps!  

Must-have app #1: Dropbox

If you are doing things right as a female entrepreneur, then you are always needing more space on your devices!  Don’t be that disorganized person that is deleting photos, texts, emails, etc., just to get enough storage for another picture, note, or business file.  Instead, take control of your business by downloading the app, Dropbox!  Plus, it uses the cloud so you can grab files from any device just by signing in instead of driving to the office to get the files from your computer.  


Must-have app #2: Expensify

How much have you spent out of your own pocket because the tedious task of writing up an expense report is the last thing you have time for as a busy entrepreneur?  No worries, we’ve all done it, which is why someone was genius enough to create the app Expensify.  It automates everything for you, or your employees, so no more time is wasted on reports.  Simply scan your receipt and let Expensify do the work of organizing it.  It even recognizes which items need a manager’s review instead of instant approval.  And if you have any changes in your accounting system, it will sync it.  How awesome is that? 


Must-have app #3: TimeMaster

Ever wonder how attorney’s drain you for every cent down to the second?  It’s because they are smart and use apps such as TimeMaster.  This app keeps the timer going for every business event you need it to.  Not only does it keep you from working for free, but it nips any time disputes that might arise with a client.  

Must-have app #4: Awesome Note

The name of this app is no joke!  It is truly awesome.  Don’t let Tesla founder, Elon Musk, be the only one that has figured out how to schedule down to the minute!  Do it, too, with Awesome Note.  This app helps you schedule your entire day, plus, you can enjoy your personal style by adding pictures, videos, and voice notes, so it’s not your average boring template.  Not only does it keep you from missing those important meetings, but it also doubles as a journal.  Jot down all those creative thoughts, business ideas, favorite vacation spots, or ideas for your next professional headshot with it.

Must-have app #5: Pepperi

If you’ve been a female entrepreneur for long, then you’ve probably heard loads of advice on how you need to know a little bit about everything and do it well.  That’s not always true–you just need to know the right apps to do it for you!  The app Pepperi is perfect for sales related needs.  You won’t have to waste time on meetings trying to figure out who lost track of an order since you’ll be able to mobile-track orders with the app.  It’s also an e-catalog, inventory tracker, helps with up-selling and cross-selling, increases your average sales order, and so much more!  It is quite literally a one-stop shop for sales needs, and when you’re busy running your own company, streamlining one of the most important departments will keep you from pulling out your hair!

Being a woman who runs her own business is fun, but it’s even more fun using the latest technology and apps!  Ready to modernize your business look even more?  We can help you with that, too!

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