February 3, 2017

The 4 Best Ways to Prepare for a Photoshoot

When you have an upcoming photo session, you definitely want to be ready for it. While it’s important to choose a qualified photographer, you also want to do your part so your photos look as great as possible. Here are the 4 best ways you can prepare for a photoshoot. These tips apply to most photo sessions, but you especially want to be prepared for corporate headshots, because you want these to reflect well on you professionally.

Select a killer wardrobe

Choose a few of your favorite outfits that you love and feel like you look great in. Make sure they are appropriate for the look you want to convey. It’s better to have some options so you can get your photographer’s opinion on what will look the best. Try to avoid clothes that cater too much to the season, as you want your photos to fit in year-round. Additionally, avoid outfits with crazy patterns, because you want your wardrobe to complement your overall appearance, and not be distracting. When it comes to colors, try to go with ones that suit your skin tone, and don’t wash you out.

Along with any clothing you bring, don’t forget any jewelry or accessories you plan to wear. Prepare for a photoshoot by making sure you have items that will match each of your outfits, so your look will be complete. 

Choose your makeup wisely

Cosmetics are an important component to prepare for a photoshoot session. It’s best to keep it simple and highlight your best facial features. You don’t want to choose colors that are too extreme or overdo it because that could detract from your appearance.

At Korey Howell Photography, we do offer makeup sessions with some of our packages. This option is also open to men, because properly applied makeup can even out a man’s skin tone, and conceal imperfections, without it being known that he is wearing anything at all. And ladies, we’ll do the same for you, but in addition, we can apply a modest amount of cosmetics to beautify you as well. We want you to look your absolute best for your session!

Get your hair done

Ladies, when it comes to your hair, consider giving yourself the option of doing a few different styles during the shoot, so you have a variety of looks in your photos. You’ll want to be prepared with any tools or accessories you need to do so.

Men, it’s good to make sure any facial hair is clean-shaven or properly trimmed, for a professional look. Additionally, it’s good for men to have a haircut soon before the session- perhaps a few days to a week prior.

Prepare for a photoshoot with a practice run

To fully prepare for a photoshoot, you’ll want to do a test run before your shoot. Take some time in front of the mirror, and try on those outfits you picked out. Make sure they still look nice and fit you well. Even if you wore them earlier in the month, your weight might have fluctuated, or the fabric may be stretched out or bunching awkwardly in certain areas. Make sure the clothes fully flatter you and are properly fitted- not too loose or too tight. Put on any accessories or jewelry that you planned with your wardrobe.

If you’re doing your own makeup, put this on as well, and check how it looks in good lighting. Make sure it doesn’t contrast with your skin tone or the colors you’re wearing. Try out any hairstyles you plan on using, then practice smiling and try out different poses. Your goal in practicing is to make sure everything flows together, make any needed adjustments necessary, and get yourself feeling comfortable, relaxed, confident, and ready for the real session.

So, there you have it – the 4 best ways you can prepare for a photoshoot! At Korey Howell Photography, our specialty is giving you the perfect professional headshot. Please contact us, so we can make you look fantastic, incorporate your personality, and complement the business you’re in!

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