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By the end of the business day, you’re probably pretty tired out. Do yourself a favor and stop your commitments 10 minutes early and concentrate on these tasks instead.

5. Complete Small Projects

Tackle labor intensive and high stressful projects at the beginning of your day when you have more energy. You’ll be less likely to leave the office stressed at the end of the day.

4. Follow Up With Your Colleagues

Now is the time to send those last minute emails or other requests. Don’t make your co-workers wait another day for you to accomplish your tasks. That is stressful for everyone.

3. Reflect On Your Day

Take a moment to sit back and think of what you accomplished today. Ponder on how you may increase your efficiency.

2. Plan For Tomorrow

Write your “to-do” list at the end of the day. Keep track of both your primary goals and create a schedule to help your workflow tomorrow.

1. Organize Your Desk

Studies show that this increases a person’s efficiency. Documents are easier to find and your stress level should lessen considerably. A lot of time is saved when you are not constantly looking for things.

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