19 Ways To Be The Best Boss Your Employees Ever Had

Who was your favorite boss? What was it that made that person stand out? It’s all about respect and inspiration. What’s the difference between good and great? Success.

#19-A Great Boss Knows What He’s Doing

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There is nothing worse than working for someone who doesn’t know their job. He doesn’t have to be an expert in every field but should have enough competence at all levels.

#18-A Great Boss Sets Priorities

A smart boss does not multitask. Instead, she sets priorities. If one tries to focus on everything, nothing gets accomplished. The team no longer has a clear direction.

#17-A Great Boss Is A Decision Maker

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The buck stops with him. Period

#16-A Great Boss Has Empathy


A great boss is respected because she can see the world through other people’s eyes. That doesn’t mean she’s a sucker, but she is sincerely concerned about the team on all levels.

#15-A Great Boss Is A Team Player

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He recognizes the expertise of his individual team members and can bring them together.

#14-A Great Boss Respects Her Employees

She understands that, in the end, they are just humans. The job is a priority, but she knows that they also have friends and family.

#13-A Great Boss Admits His Mistakes

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He doesn’t dwell on his mistakes, but accepts blame when he (or his team) screws up. Afterward, he leads his team in the correct direction.

#12-A Great Boss Knows How To Communicate


She doesn’t need to use big words. Rather, she can find the right words to direct her team clearly. Once, a direction is given, she stands behind what she says.

#11-A Great Boss Knows A Win When He Sees It

He recognizes individual and team milestones. A great boss doesn’t need to throw a party, although they are always fun.

#10-A Great Boss Seeks Excellence

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Frankly, no one wants to work for someone who settles for average.

#9-A Great Boss Respects Her Employees’ Time

She does not tolerate useless meetings, long waits and mandatory bonding time.

#8-A Great Boss Encourages His Team To Share

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A boss who respects his team doesn’t hide information for fear of losing his lead. He ensures all information is factual but may time its release. The more transparency, the more respect.

#7-A Great Boss Offers Sincere Praise

It’s natural to want feedback. A great boss lets her employees don’t hesitate to let people know that they are doing an excellent job.

#6-A Great Boss Is Grateful

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Gratitude goes a long way, and it starts at the highest levels. Employees take notice and a culture of appreciation will develop.

#5-A Great Boss Thinks Before Hiring

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He is ultimately responsible for assembling a great team. That means finding the best fit, and avoiding those with toxic personalities and work habits.

#4-A Great Boss Has A Great Sense Of Humor

She sees the humor in job situations as well as in life, itself. The best bosses can find the humor in a past crisis.

#3-A Great Boss Is Ethical

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Morality starts from the top and flows down through the ranks. Although it’s common to “ask forgiveness, rather than seek permission,” a great boss knows there are rules (specific and socially) and decency.
He makes sure his employees understand this expectation.

#2-A Great Boss Asks Great Questions

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The company culture is such that it does not accept assumptions. A great boss also is open to exploring new methods of achieving goals.

#1-A Great Boss Shares Her Vision

She strives to present goals that her employees understand and find laudable.

In Summary: A Great Boss Creates Leaders


A great boss doesn’t wait to hire leaders. He creates them. A great boss shares his enthusiasm and leads by example. If one of his employees go on to something bigger and better, he celebrates with them.

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