Entrepreneurship Is A Balancing Act

Benjamin Franklin, the ultimate entrepreneur, said it best: “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

#3 -Passion Is The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

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For the entrepreneur, there is nothing like hitting upon a great idea. Minutes turn into hours that turn into days as you work in a frenzy trying to incorporate all the ideas and plans needed to make your concept work.

#2- Something Has To Give … It’s Usually Your Body

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You start skipping meals and sleep. Pretty soon your judgment begins to be impaired. The worst part? You often don’t recognize it.

#1-Finding A Balance Between Passion And Reason


Every entrepreneur must find a balance between passion and reason. While passion provides the spark, you need reason to feed the flames. Roxanne Thurman is the proprietress of iconic cowboy store, Cry Baby Ranch, in downtown Denver. She described the mindset of an entrepreneur perfectly. “Be inspired. Stay up late planning and plotting. And then, please, get some sleep. You need to be fresh tomorrow.”

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