These Three Tools Will Change Your Life Forever

“Mindfulness” is a popular term these days. Being able to concentrate on the present while your senses are perpetually bombarded takes some effort.

#3 -Reading Is Crucial To The Success Of An

Entrepreneurs constantly scour new information to see how it might be beneficial to their business. But, mindfulness is necessary to understand what you’re reading. You don’t have the luxury to keep re-reading to digest the material.

Reading Is Crucial

#2- Increase Your Reading Speed

This takes a bit of training. Buy a book that has a corresponding audio version. While reading the book, increase the audio version by 1.5 times faster than your reading speed. Follow along with your finger or a pen. After a few chapters, increase the audio to 2 – 2.5 times faster for 15 minutes at a time. (It’s just like sprinting.) Then, reduce the speed again.

This method forces your brain to concentrate and pick up critical information. It also helps you to get super focused as you’re using 2 senses at the same time.

#1-Meditation Is The Ultimate Example Of Mindfulness

Meditation helps you both in your professional and personal life. Because we are continually bombarded with messages, it can be hard to learn at first. Try this:
Sit on the edge of a relaxing chair or sofa. Close your eyes and take 100 deep breaths by breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth. Count each breath in your head. This should take about 10 minutes.
This is harder than it seems. You’ll want to rush through it. It can even cause some anxiety. It’s important to be consistent.

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