Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

You’ve done your research on whom is the best at portrait photography on Yelp and you’ve asked all of your closest friends. Now it’s time to book your session with the photographer and plan for a spectacular photo shoot. Many women focus so much on what they are going to wear for their photography session but, don’t really put enough thought into how they will wear their hair and make-up.

Having a professional do your hair and make-up can make a world of a difference on the overall appearance of your photographs. Clients that use a professional for their hair and make-up tend to be more satisfied with their final product. If it’s their first time using a makeup and hair stylist, they get to feel pampered and special in a whole new way. This unique experience carries through the lens as the photographer captures these confident moments on camera.

Professional Hair & Make-Up vs. DIY

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As you can see, using a hair and make-up stylist makes a significant difference in these photographs.  The differences are:

  • Warmer Skin Tone
  • Less Shine
  • Softer Hair That Frames the Face Nicely
  • Lashes Pop
  • Brows Don’t Get Lost
  • More Confidence is Displayed
  • Make-up Flatters and Shapes the Face Bringing Out the Best Features

Portrait Photography Stylist Options

Before you schedule your session with Korey Howell Photography, make sure to think about whether you would like to use your own make-up artist and stylist and arrive camera-ready or if you’d like, Korey Howell Photography’s staff makeup artist, Lyndsey to make you picture perfect.  To make it easier to decide, we offer a pre-session makeup and hair style for only $59. 

Now that you know how important professional makeup and hair are for a successful photo shoot, make sure to schedule your next studio session  with Korey Howell Photography today! 

*Professional Make-up by Heather Kelly, Hair by Blo on 5th Street 

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