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Sales don’t end with developing a customer base. For the savvy marketer, it’s just the beginning. How can you recognize opportunities for an upsell?Here are five useful tips:

#5 - Your Client Is Poised For A Strategic Shift

Always be aware of what your customer is doing. Perhaps, there is a new product line, or they are looking to change gears. It’s natural for them to want to take along a trusted associate with them.

#4-Their Business Is Growing

Keep in touch with your customers. Are they moving to a larger office, hiring employees or adding on entire departments? Hopefully, they will require more of whatever you are furnishing to them. Regardless, growth is a sign that the business is investing in their future. With that, comes new needs.

#3 - There's A Focus On New Priorities

Companies are usually juggling a number of tasks. Are their priorities changing? Once you help them by having your product in place, look at how you may aid them in a broader context. Your insight may help establish a healthy, long-term relationship.

#2 - Your Client Views Your Product As Successful

A good time to upsell is when your customer sees consistent success with your product. It gives you leverage.

#1 - Your Patron Sends You New Business

If your customer is sending you new leads and business, it indicates that they are very satisfied with your product. Make sure you thank them and ask them if you can be of further service.

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