“In Life And In Business – Change Is The Only Constant! Why!”

Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, who lived around 500 B.C., could never have guessed his comment would still ring true thousands of years later.

This is particularly the case in the business realms of service and sales. There are new rules, and the wise business owner will take note.

#4-Communication Is Now In Real-Time

In the past:


  • The interaction between companies and buyers was difficult for both.
  • Independent product information was hard to find.
  • Customers had a difficult time voicing disapproval publicly.


Many marketing strategies were based on the above. Currently, NONE of the above is true. Businesses should take advantage of the fact they have real-time interaction with customers.

#3 - It’s Not Just About Creating Content

Content must be relevant to the user.
You must first understand your customer’s wishes.
Content must be written with these needs in mind. (Avoid writing just about the product.)
Delivery at the right time and in the right context is crucial.

#2-Social Media Only Works If It’s Part Of Your Daily

Patrons must be reached in real-time. To do this, marketers must know what is going on in their everyday world: both in the news and on social media platforms.
The business mindset must change from being product based to patron based.
Frequent and relevant two-way communication between the consumer and the company is vital. To accomplish this, make a habit of visiting social media platforms on a daily basis. People will be more likely to share your created content when it’s based on current events versus your product.

#1 - Buyer's Rule

  • It’s a buyer’s world. They are in charge of the sales process.
  • The Internet is a tremendous source of information. Consumers usually do their own research online before buying a product.
  • Never forget: Comments can make or break a business. Negative comments should be heeded and responded to promptly.


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