February 13, 2018

How to Grow Your Presence and Launch Your Career During the SXSW

From March 9th through the 18th, Austin’s famous South by Southwest Conference (SXSW) transforms the eclectic city into a mecca for all things business and art related. The SXSW Conference had grown exponentially since its launching 31 years ago when the primary unifying factor was music. Music is still is a significant attraction and vital part of the conference, and has always featured major artists. SXSW is a unique event, exploring topics that traditionally aren’t covered in “business” conferences. Mixing art, technology, live entertainment, networking, and everything in between, the conference has something for anyone who wants to learn how to promote themselves either in an existing role or a startup.

Professionals need to be connected to both people and developments in their industry to succeed in the marketplace. Reactionary development is no longer successful; you need to be ahead of the curve or at the very least, aware of the curve. No matter what your area, SXSW will give you something to take back and apply that will help your success. Their extensive website has complete information all the awesome content available, and you may want to bring a colleague (or two) because the volume of pertinent information is more than likely too much for one person to cover alone. The following sections provide guidance on how you can launch your career during SXSW. 


Learning how to promote and launch your brand, idea or product is basic to success, and there are several sessions available that will guide you. The sessions cover everything from how to pitch your cause to developing a product/design. If you are your product, then there are specialized breakouts for you that cover how to improve, develop, or even change your career direction to something that is suitable for you and more rewarding. Promotion includes people getting to know you – the person – and one of the best ways to accomplish that is to get your face in front of people. Korey Howell Photography is the leader in the Austin area for presenting you, and your face, in a positive and professional way. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your time in Austin at the SXSW conference more successful.

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Keynote Speakers

The diversity of speakers presenting at SXSW illustrate the conferences broad appeal and have helped its success.  Whether your industry is journalism, government, technology, art & design or fashion, there will be a speaker that can help add insight or information to your journey. To give an idea of the range of topics covered during the week, they include – Christiane Amanpour on Sex & Love Around the World to a discussion on Artificial Intelligence and Social Media by – Chelsea Manning in conversation with Sally Singer.


For you who are considering or in the middle of a startup, there is an abundance of invaluable information that will help you develop, plan and execute a successful startup. Pitching your startup to prospective investors, buyers and developers is the beginning, and arguably, most important step to success. SXSW offers a “pitch event”, where 50 finalists are selected from among varying categories and then given awards for the best pitch in their field. It is a unique opportunity for a budding startup to see what works in a pitch. Check out the event here, and don’t miss it if you want to learn how to pitch!

There are several startup sessions available that will cover everything you need to know regarding everything from getting financing from some not-so-typical sources to partnering with major companies, like Google or even government agencies.

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Without a doubt, networking inside and outside of your industry is the single most important thing you can do to help ensure you reach your goals, whether you are a startup company or a proven corporate leader. Networking has grown leaps and bounds past the idle conversation and passing out business card model of the past. Today’s networker is focused on helping people grow, people helping people is what success is all about, and in the world today, women need to become engaged with other successful women to help strengthen each other. SXSW offers everything you need to become a networking maven.

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To prepare for the endless activities you’ll be attending during SXSW week in Austin and to really impress if you plan to launch your career during SXSW, you’ll need a fantastic headshot to impress your peers and potential investors. Book your appointment at the Korey Howell Photography Group Studio today! 

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