January 19, 2018

5 Occasions When a Professional Headshot Will Help Boost Your Resume

When an employer has hundreds of resumes to go through, you don’t want yours to be the one that’s just given a quick scan and then placed on the collection pile. These days, just having a resume isn’t enough. You need a marketing tool that is modern, fresh, and an accurate reflection of who you are. In certain situations, a professional headshot will take your resume to the next level and help you get noticed, interviewed and hired quicker.

Because there are labor and anti-discrimination laws in the US, most organizations won’t request a photo, nor do they expect one. There are 5 occasions, however, when it’s okay to include a headshot on your resume.

1. If you’re looking for a career as a designer (graphic, interior, etc.)

You can build your brand by letting your resume tell who you are and what you’ve done, and then use a headshot to help employers and clients match the face with the name. This will help push your persona to the forefront of their minds and shows ingenuity as well as substance. In this way, you’re saying that you can do more than just make something pretty; you’re also a very creative thinker.

2. When pursuing a career in Fashion

Whether you’re a coordinator or an administrative assistant, a professional headshot on your resume says a lot. That is a very visual industry, and hiring managers want to connect with you on a human level. A great photo at the top of your resume allows you to stand out from the crowd and shows your personality. When they see a picture of you wearing fashion-forward clothing and looking and feeling good, this shows confidence and makes them take a second look. They’ll say, “Hey, this candidate really has something special and knows how to dress for success.”

3. If you’re seeking a career in the arts

A good, high-quality headshot will tell a compelling story and make an employer want to know more. As an actor or model, this is critical in helping you become memorable, and others in this industry like art directors, film industry interns, photographers, production assistants and reporters can also use a photo to help boost their careers. In this visually driven world, having a headshot that makes you look both professional and personal will keep your name in the mind of hiring managers and increase your chances of landing that perfect job.

4. To showcase your talents 

If you make fantastic floral arrangements or can make food look as pretty as a picture, you can put a photo of you along with one of your creations at the top of your resume. If you’re applying to be a pet groomer, a photo of you and a well-groomed dog goes a long way in giving you a huge advantage. If you’re seeking work as a public relations manager or consultant, a high-quality headshot on your resume lets you market yourself and shows employers and clients that you know how to launch a PR campaign. Realtors and insurance agents know this because they rely on their picture as part of their whole marketing package.

5. When bringing your resume to networking events 

Having a professional headshot on your resume at networking events helps new contacts remember you and maximizes that first impression. At these events, you’re trying to connect with as many people as possible, and by providing a picture along with a resume, this is a quick and effective way to market yourself, find work and build up your name recognition. When you’re working the room, just let everyone know that you’ll be happy to furnish a version of your resume without a picture if they require more formal job screening.

At Korey Howell Photography, we know how important a good, professional headshot is because a picture does speak a thousand words. We want your picture to say that you’re the perfect candidate for that job. Using a selfie or having a friend do it, however, is not the best way to guarantee a great shot. You want a professional photo that shows that you know what you’re doing and is a true reflection of who you are. That sends a clear message about what you offer, what you value, and the quality of work employers can expect from you. To book your professional headshot session, contact Korey Howell Photography today. 

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