4 Reasons to choose Korey Howell Photography Group


Work with a skilled team of professionals who bring years of experience to the table.


On location and in-studio photo options are available. Our professional studio is a luxurious space with state-of-the-art equipment, natural light, a dressing room, beverage bar and music.


Retouching included. We soften those lines, whiten the teeth, and your skin will be blemish free. So relax. Your headshot will look awesome!


Elevate your visual brand with professionalism unmatched by amateur photographers.

What is studio photography?

Studio photography is the experience of having your photographs taken in a professional studio. Not all studios are created equal. Don’t settle for an amateur’s garage, spare room or shared warehouse space.

When you come to our studio, you’ll be greeted by a luxurious space full of plenty of natural light. There are natural surroundings just outside the studios. You’ll enjoy a dressing and make-up room and a beverage bar. It’s a place to relax and have fun.

After your shots, you’ll be able to immediately review your photos, choose them, and watch them being retouched in a controlled environment. The entire experience is super easy for everyone and even a lot of fun.

On Location

We’ll pack up and come to you.


Portraits at our state-of-the-art studio.

What is the difference between on location photography and a photo shoot at the studio?

Individual clients may come to our photography studio for their pictures. If you are part of a company who needs at least 5 shots done you can get a volume shoot done right at your corporate location, making it easier to get everyone together and taken care of.

$100 OFF your choice of On location or In-studio session* Book in-studiogroup quote 


What’s the best photography studio in Austin?

Korey Howell photography group of course! But don’t take our word for it. Read our many 5-star reviews and see for yourself.

How can I have my best studio photography experience?

Make sure you’re on-time for your shoot. Arrive relaxed and refreshed. Bring a single clean outfit to change into for your shoot. Follow all your photographer’s directions during the shoot to get the best, most professional shot we can give you. After all, we’re the experts! There are tricks for adopting poses and facial expressions that will really help you look your best. References:

$100 OFF your choice of On location or In-studio session* Book in-studiogroup quote 

Beautiful studio, incredible experience.

I could feel the difference from the moment I walked through the doors.

6/29/2018 | Donna N.

Everything about the Korey Howell studio is just gorgeous and relaxing. I felt like I was being treated like a VIP the entire time. I kind of expected the experience to be stressful, but it wasn’t. It was almost like a mini vacation for me. The results were exceptional. Will use again.

Their studio is a cut above.

You can see how much pride they take in their work.

7/05/2018 | Robert J.

Had them come out to my law office to get all the staff photos done for our website. Efficient, great results, good pricing, lots of care and attention to detail.