Why You Need Multiple Business Portraits

The days are gone when you only needed enough work experience and a degree in your field to stay relevant in this competitive market. Now you also need to think about maintaining a professional image on the web, and it’s more important than ever before! Not only should you have professional business portraits created for your company website – you also need to think about having the right image for the numerous other sites where your business profile is displayed. People look at everything you post on the internet, and your photograph makes a significant first impression.

The Importance of Having Several Business Portraits


Perhaps you need a photograph that isn’t quite so formal. Generally, photographs taken outdoors may look and feel more casual as opposed to photographs taken in an indoor setting. Or maybe you would like a more classic studio business portrait taken for your business card or website directory. One of each could be just what you need for the right situation.


Size does make a difference! Perhaps you need a full body shot for future use, but for now you really just need a cropped photo or headshot for your social media profile. Some of these social networks have different image requirements for the profile pictures. It’s really convenient to have an image ready to go when you want to switch out your profile picture.


Maybe you’d like to be seated, or perhaps you prefer to stand up? Or you’d prefer your photographs to be taken from the left, rather than from the right, for a web banner or cover image for Facebook. It’s nice to have these options handy when you need them.


There may be times when you will need to have business attire, for example, on your company’s “About Us” page. But for a different occasion, a casual and relaxed outfit is more appropriate, such as for a pamphlet, an online profile, or for your personal use! Having a few different photographs with different outfits gives you more options when someone requests a photograph of you.

Having options is always better, and the same goes with business portraits. Being able to use various photographs for your business presence adds to your professionalism and keeps you top-of-mind and relevant with your peers and prospects. If you are ready to take your professional image to the next level, please visit our online scheduler and choose “Book A Session” under Premium

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