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Take Control of Your Digital Presence With Professional Business Portraits


Consumers have a wealth of information at their fingertips these days. Potential clients and employers rely heavily on your digital identity to make decisions . What is your online presence saying about you? Are people confusing someone else for you online? Take your online reputation into your own hands rather than leaving it up to chance. Here’s some tips on how:


A good place it start is by doing a vanity search of your name/business and see what comes up. Determine whether the first search results are representative of you and your brand. Do other people show up before you? Would it be easy to get you confused with someone else? Perhaps you need to distinguish yourself from others with the same name.  An easy way to do this is with a quality profile picture, putting your face to your name. Your profile picture is often times the first impression potential clients get of you, so you want make sure it is the right impression.  Professional business portraits will make you look polished and reputable in addition to establishing your identity.


Make sure people are seeing the correct profiles by putting a link to your online profiles directly in your resume or website. Put links to your social media profiles to your other profiles, interlinking them. Creating a cohesive brand across media platforms is invaluable. This is one of the reasons why our photoshoots sessions yield multiple poses and angles. You will have a variety of headshot photos to use across various platforms while still maintaining a tidy and unified look. People are less likely to confuse you for someone else when you have established your brand.


Keep profiles updated with relevant information, this will add to your credibility and reputation. Don’t neglect your digital footprint. It is important to refresh your look periodically. Keep profile pictures current. In some cases, you may even want to beef up your online presence. Sign up for services and platforms that best showcase your areas of expertise or skill set. YouTube or Flikr accounts are great ways to show off your work. Engage in online community discussions. Any way you can demonstrate your knowledge in your area of expertise will help to build your credibility and create more potential clients.


And finally, do an occasional audit of your profiles. Does your profile picture still look like you? Does it need to be updated? Have you changed up your brand identity? Ask yourself these questions and adjust accordingly.


Your online presence is one of your most valuable assets, take control of it. One of the best things you can do is to claim your name and put a face to it with high quality headshots. Contact us today, we offer business portraits in our Austin, TX based studio and also provide a mobile studio service. View our portfolio or sneak a peek inside. We’ll help you put your best face forward!



Headshot Photography: Beyond 50 & Making An Impression

Korey Howell Photography specializes in corporate and headshot photography. Recently, Korey Howell had the distinct pleasure of donating her time and skills for the Beyond 50 Conference where she photographed 24 scholarship winners who were awarded the opportunity to attend this life-changing event. Beyond 50 is an interactive conference for women who want important information and resources as they begin to re-enter the job market, change careers, create new businesses or pursue a career in creative fields.

Headshot Photography With a Purpose

Having professional headshots and maintaining a professional online presence is so important today when searching for a new job or starting a new career. According to in 2012, Jobvite released survey results indicating that 92% of employers would be using or planning to use social networks for recruiting. In 2014, it is even more relevant as social media and the popularity of LinkedIn amongst professionals has increased.


Hello, this is Korey Howell and we are honored to be setting up here today at the Renaissance hotel. We are going to be doing headshots for 24 scholarship winners who’ve been awarded the opportunity to attend this conference which is called Texas Women in Business in the City of Austin present Beyond 50. So it’s a great conference with a lot of fabulous speakers. There is coaching involved-a great presentation keynote. And, it’s all for women who need a little bit of help getting back to the workforce. So, beyond 50…there’s a lot more to be had when you reach 50 and especially getting back into the workforce. Getting a headshot is very important, getting some coaching, getting some mentoring and just meeting with other women who are also in the same situation.

Do you remember which photograph you are using for your LinkedIn profile picture? Does it represent the professional you know you are and what you want to portray? Or maybe you’ve never uploaded a photo? If you’d like to get your headshots updated, or have some taken for the very first time, it’s now more important than ever! It can truly change your life and your career. Please visit our online scheduler to book your headshot photography session.

Using Photos to Tell My Story

: Victorious Val

Korey Howell photography had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot for breast cancer survivor Victorious Val, along with plastic surgeon Dr. Elisabeth Potter, for an ad in the June edition of AW magazine. Both of these ladies are truly inspiring and were wonderful to photograph. Below is Victorious Val’s account of how we came to meet and her creative photography experience.

Potter AWmonthly e1402339144973 - Using Photos to Tell My Story

: Victorious Val

Val is founder of Victorious Val & the Breast Cancer Crusaders, a community of encouragement and kindness for survivors, co-survivors and supporters.

When I started the Crusader community, I didn’t have any professional branding. The very talented artist, Shane Campos from Taffy Print, designed my superhero logo based on the Victorious Val character I had created to get through cancer.

But as more people began to hear of me, and as the page grew, I decided I also needed professional photos, other than snapshots I’d taken of myself. I’d heard about Korey Howell Photography for years, and I’d seen so many beautiful pictures in AW Magazine and during other promotions.

In the back of my mind, I had thought, “Someday Korey’s going to take MY pictures!”

 When I walked into the studio, I was blown away by how professional it appeared. With beautiful photos on the wall, I saw the possibilities before I even started.

“Korey’s going to make me look amazing” is all I could think, and that quieted the whispering voice inside my head that said, “But your breast reconstruction isn’t even finished yet.”

Vicotious Val - Using Photos to Tell My Story

: Victorious Val

From Superhero to Supermodel

After shooting for a few minutes, Korey took a few minutes to stop and show me what the photo would look like after touch up. Once she showed me, I felt comfortable and relaxed – it took the pressure off me to appear “perfect,” and I was able to get even better shots from that moment on.

The pictures I ended up with are stunning, and I’m not afraid to say that I loaded them up on my laptop, stared at them on-and-off for hours, and used the photo Korey affectionately referred to as my “money shot” for my signature photo. Her creative ideas – and her encouragement from behind the lens – made me feel like a supermodel. It was a fantasy come true, and I’ll cherish that session forever.

For more information about Victorious Val & the Breast Cancer Crusaders, visit

Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

You’ve done your research on whom is the best at portrait photography on Yelp and you’ve asked all of your closest friends. Now it’s time to book your session with the photographer and plan for a spectacular photo shoot. Many women focus so much on what they are going to wear for their photography session but, don’t really put enough thought into how they will wear their hair and make-up.

Having a professional do your hair and make-up can make a world of a difference on the overall appearance of your photographs. Clients that use a professional for their hair and make-up tend to be more satisfied with their final product. If it’s their first time using a makeup and hair stylist, they get to feel pampered and special in a whole new way. This unique experience carries through the lens as the photographer captures these confident moments on camera.

Professional Hair & Make-Up vs. DIY

without makeup artist 300x240 - Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

Before Professional Hair & Makeup

with makeup artist 300x240 - Portrait Photography Tip: Focus on Hair & Make-up

After *Professional Hair & Makeup

As you can see, using a hair and make-up stylist makes a significant difference in these photographs.  The differences are:

  • Warmer Skin Tone
  • Less Shine
  • Softer Hair That Frames the Face Nicely
  • Lashes Pop
  • Brows Don’t Get Lost
  • More Confidence is Displayed
  • Make-up Flatters and Shapes the Face Bringing Out the Best Features

Portrait Photography Stylist Options

Before you schedule your session with Korey Howell Photography, make sure to think about whether you would like to use your own make-up artist and stylist and arrive camera-ready or if you’d like, Korey Howell Photography’s staff makeup artist, Lyndsey to make you picture perfect.  To make it easier to decide, we offer a pre-session makeup and hair style for only $59. 

Now that you know how important professional makeup and hair are for a successful photo shoot, make sure to schedule your next studio session  with Korey Howell Photography today! 

*Professional Make-up by Heather Kelly, Hair by Blo on 5th Street 

Korey Howell Photography Receives Woman’s Way Business Award

Austin Woman Magazine & Pink Pages Address The Power Of the Purse

Women today have the power of the purse and influence over 85% of items purchased in the United States. Texas, as stated by, comes in 2nd for women-owned businesses in the nation. Pink Pages was launched to support woman-owned businesses and just recently held their first Woman’s Way Business Award event. The categories included: Best New Company, Best Service Provider, Most Customer Friendly, Most Socially Conscious, Best Product and Best in Health & Wellness.

Korey Howell Portrait photography 1024x682 - Korey Howell Photography Receives Woman's Way Business Award

Korey Howell Photography was proud to accept the first annual Women’s Way Business award for Best Service Provider. Korey Howell and her team fulfill the need of the corporate community by offering business portrait photography and professional headshots in the Austin metro area.

Some of Korey’s clients have included some amazingly talented people from our community including jewelry designer Kendra Scott, news anchor Judy Maggio, philanthropist Teresa Lozano Long, Fire Chief Rhoda Mae Kerr, and past member of the Texas House of Representatives, the Honorable Wilhelmina Delco.

Womans Way winners 1024x682 - Korey Howell Photography Receives Woman's Way Business Award

The Korey Howell Photography team consists of Olympia Sobande, on-location manager and Victoria VanOsselaer, studio manager and on-location team member. Korey recognizes her team has contributed so much to the success of the business in the last year as they recently celebrated their one-year anniversary working together.

As you know, maintaining a professional online presence is so important. If you need to get your professional headshots, or you need to replace your outdated headshots, make sure to visit Korey’s online scheduler to “pencil” yourself in.

Portrait Photography from the Heart

Helping women tell their stories and bringing awareness to heart disease while using creative portrait photography is a project near and dear to Korey Howell, of Korey Howell Photography.

Go Red for Women

After losing her father to heart disease, Korey was introduced to The Go Red for Women campaign by friend and American Heart Association advocate, Diane Graden. She teamed up with austinwoman Magazine and several Austin area women professionals and created the Go Red for Women Photo campaign to help promote other women in the community interested in supporting this worthy cause. As an established corporate headshot photographer, Korey used her talents and client connections as an opportunity to bring awareness to the number one killer of women in America.

The success of the Go Red for Women photo campaign blossomed into a project with Circle of Red, an ambassador program of women who use their influence to educate their circle of friends using portrait photography for billboards, advertising and marketing materials.

The Survivors Gallery

This year, The Survivors Gallery, sponsored by Covert Auto Group, afforded the American Heart Association the opportunity to expand awareness.  This gallery is a pictorial expose’ showing the diversity of age, ethnicity and varied diseases and cures available using photos and stories from brave survivors of heart disease. It made its debut at The Long Center for the Performing Arts, was seen at The Texas State Capitol and will be featured all over Austin, TX in the coming year.

As a women’s advocate, Korey is excited to not only help empower women in the community but, she is also thrilled that her talents can be used to help add to the quality of health for women everywhere.